Composing a Romantic Letter to a Slavic Woman

 A love letter to your favourite Slavic woman is one way of declaring your love for her. Love letters might seem old-fashioned in the fast-paced modern world but they still hold so much meaning. However, you might be wondering how to compose a romantic letter because you have found yourself staring at a blank piece…

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Sayings Slavic Women Believe In

Slavic language is created for romancing, which you can also notice in its deep poetic tradition, epic love stories, and the sad endings that are a big contribution to this culture. Knowing the beliefs and preferences is a great way to understand Slavic women. Mostly the women have their own choice of favorite sayings. But…

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Ivana Kupala: July of Slavic Singles

In the view of some early scholars, the Ivana Kupala was originally a pagan holiday fertility rite that was later adopted by the Orthodox Christians as the day of John the Baptist. Kupala in old Slavic means “bathing”. People associate it in the modern day with the summer solstice celebration. Just imagine dancing, jumping over…

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Being Overly Affectionate – Benefits or Harms Your Relationship With Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian lady

Knowing how affectionate to be and when to start being affectionate when you’re dating is the eternal struggle – you don’t want to be seen as cold and heartless but you also don’t want to scare them off. This is enough of a balancing act when dating someone from your own cultural background – but…

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Top Romantic Places in Kiev to Choose For Your First Date With Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

Ukrainian girlfriend

Kiev is a beautiful city, one with lots of attractions and fun that can help so much to that feeling of romance on a date with your Ukrainian girlfriend. Here are some suggestions of romantic venues and backdrops to your dates. Pushcha Vodytsia Park If you wished for a setting for a peaceful romantic walk,…

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