Sayings Slavic Women Believe In

Slavic language is created for romancing, which you can also notice in its deep poetic tradition, epic love stories, and the sad endings that are a big contribution to this culture. Knowing the beliefs and preferences is a great way to understand Slavic women.

Mostly the women have their own choice of favorite sayings. But here, we have listed some most interesting sayings that Slavic women highly believe in. Let’s dive in:

Sayings Slavic Women Believe In

Are you my soulmate?

Нет Худа Без Добра

Literal Translation: There’s no bad without the good.

It is one of the most common sayings that Slavic women believe in. The meaning of this phrase is that there is no need to feel upset and spoil your mood if you face any trouble. Always be courageous and find something positive in that situation. Even the hardest times can have any kind of advantage for you that you might realize later. In short, this phrase defines that each bad situation carries the possibility of something good.


Без Труда Не Вытащишь И Рыбку Из Пруда

Literal Translation: You can’t even pull a fish out of the pond without effort.

This is another phrase that Slavic women commonly use. This Slavic saying states that without making any effort, you cannot expect positive results. It is a fact that we only learn new abilities and skills when we put in consistent efforts. And the success we get through these efforts enhances your skills and confidence. In simple words, no pain, no gain.

Тише Едешь – Дальше Будешь

Literal translation: The quieter you go, the further you’ll get.

Slavic Women commonly use this phrase to define the importance of effective and consistent efforts that leads to success. Many people wish to acquire the skills as soon as possible. But you can only achieve your goal with great determination.

Sayings Slavic Women Believe In

Let me be your woman!

В Чужой Монастырь Со Своим Уставом Не Ходят

Literal translation: Don’t go to someone else’s monastery with your own rulebook.

It is another common saying that Slavic women believe in. This phrase means when you visit another place, you must follow their customs. It is often used for a new person joining the workplace or a group of friends. In simple words, they must live and communicate according to their community rules.

Стерпится – Слюбится

Literal translation: Marry first, and love will follow.

The version of this phrase doesn’t state a wedding. But before the 20th century, young people were married by their parents to someone they had never met. These days, this phrase is popular in some other ways. For instance, Slavic women might use these words for any new thing they are unsure if they like. But with time, they fall in love with the same thing, whether a pet, a pair of shoes, or any other thing.

Будь Что Будет

Literal translation: Let it be.

You know that once the water has run downstream, you can’t get it back. Learning some skills to deal with anything that might happen in the future is essential. So, Slavic women use this phrase when they are ready to face whatever is about to happen and secretly feel optimistic.

These were some of the most common, interesting, and entertaining Slavic sayings to add to your collection. By learning about these commonly used Slavic sayings, you not just know a little about Slavic women but also a bit more about their culture!