The Gifts Your Slavic Girlfriend will be Delighted to Receive

Slavic girlfriend

Whether it’s an upcoming birthday or you just want to show your true feelings, buying a gift for your Slavic girlfriend is a great idea. Gifts have been used by humanity for thousands of years as a way of sharing feelings and making one and other happy. Today, as much as ever, gift giving remains…

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How to Be An Interesting ‘Talker’ on the First Date with a Ukrainian Single

Ukrainian single

Dating a Ukrainian single is not as easy as it seems. Cultural differences between you and her can turn the first date into a total fiasco if you don’t know what to say. Luckily, there are ways to be an interesting ‘talker’ on your first date with a Ukrainian lady. Here are five ways to…

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Five traditions for celebrating Ivan Kupala with your Slavic bride

You know that it’s summer when Ivan Kupala is celebrated across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland, but how do you celebrate it with your Slavic bride? One of the great benefits of using international dating websites is that you meet beautiful women from around the world and thus end up exposed to many new cultural…

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What do Slavic singles think about jealousy?

Slavic singles

Women look for many qualities in their men, but one quality that Slavic singles certainly do not like is jealousy. If you’re in a relationship with a lady from Ukraine or Russia, for example, you will no doubt be blown away by what amazing, strong women they are. They will tolerate a lot and stand…

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