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Privacy Policy - One Wife - Russian Mail Order Bride & Single Women respects the right of members to confidentiality and will take all possible measures to facilitate the non-disclosure of member information. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully for a complete understanding of the policy contents.


The member agreement determines the conditions and purposes of gathering, storing, protecting, processing and distributing information about the website. The current version of the member agreement is an open and public document that can be accessed at

Information Covered by this Policy

Information about the OneWife members includes:
  • standard data that is automatically received by a http-server during access to the site. This includes the IP-address of the host, date and time accessed, information about the program used to view the site, the member's operating system, and page address from which the transition to the requested resource was done;
  • data in electronic form provided by members during registration with the site (i.e., members profile information, including, but not limited to, member names, logins, passwords, confidential control questions and answers, e-mail addresses, socio-metric data and data regarding their preferences).

Assumptions of Member Access

OneWife assumes that a member accessing

  • Is doing so for his/her own use and freely and authentically provides personal information when it is required;
  • Determines and has control of the software settings he/she is using to access the site, according to his/her preferences concerning personal data protection, information about his/her own firmware, and Internet connection;
  • Understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the current Agreement.

Gathering, Storing, Protecting, Processing and Distributing information

  • Gathering information about members. gathers information about members in accordance with the rules, policies and agreements explained by the present Agreement.
  • Restriction of information received from minors. will not knowingly accept any information at any time from any person under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from using in any way.
  • Liability restriction for reliability of collected information. does not verify the reliability of information it collects about members and does not control the legal status of members.
  • Storage of information about members. gathers information about members in accordance with the rules, determined by the present Agreement. All information collected, stored and processed about members by is considered to be restricted access information.
  • Information protection. undertakes all reasonable measures to protect information about its members from destruction, distortion or disclosure.
  • Access to information about members.
    Women interested in acquaintances have access to male member information. However, male members are not given or allowed access to information about other male members on the site, except for general data that characterizes as a whole (for example, information about distribution of the members by country, age, occupation, education, etc).
  • Restriction on using information from members profiles. uses information from member profiles (e.g., login and password, email address) only for authorization of Internet resource access. Responsibility for the safety of member provided information is carried by the member. Any actions conducted with the use of such information are considered by as actions conducted by the member. Information from a member's profile not provided by a member is not distributed to other members, except for information stipulated by usage rules, or by a members' obvious inquiry.

Correspondence on considers all correspondence sent by members to the OneWife address as restricted access information that can be published only with the consent of the member. Addresses, personal data and other information about members who have sent correspondence cannot be used for other purposes without the members express consent and only to provide answers on the subject of a received correspondence.


If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Statement, its implementation, failure to adhere to this Privacy Statement and/or our general practices, please contact us at: