We video chatted together making us feel closer to each other. We are now planning to meet for the first time after bonding online for 6 months now. Onewife is proof that long distance relationships can work and love can be found anywhere in the world.

Peterson, USA
February 2024

I signed up on onewife.com in June 2022. It took me almost a year to find my match here. But it was worth it as now I can say for sure that I found the right one. We met in November in Ukraine and now we are planning our next meeting in Spain!

Milan, Netherlands
January 2024

For many months I was chatting to some girl from Ukraine and things were going well, so we met after some time. Things were moving very quickly but I like the fact that online dating helped us to get to know each other, so six months on and here we are going strong!

Dan, UK
January 2024

I came to this site to find my match. At first, I was talking to 3 nice ladies. But then I understood who is the one for me. I'm happy with my Elena!

Pablo, Spain
December 2023

I engage with diverse and interesting users on this site and it adds a spark to my daily routine.

Ben, Germany
November 2023

Everything is where it needs to be when it comes to the design. The menus are easy to browse, I can find matches easily and the colours and layout are easy on the eye. I love coming back because it really is a joy to use.

Oliver, England
November 2023

Who doesnt love showering girls with gifts? This is why this dating site is brilliant because I can order flowers and impress girls who catch my eye. It might be virtual dating but it certainly makes it feel real when you can buy flowers for them!

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Archie, New Zealand
September 2023

Plenty of exciting features for interaction and getting to know others.

Radoslav, Slovak Republic
September 2023

Solid filtering options for finding suitable matches.

Mateo, Spain
August 2023

I havent met just one girl; I have met several using this website. Its given me back my confidence and when I had an issue, customer service was there to help. Absolutely brilliant site fair play!

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Ezra, Australia
July 2023

I found someone special here on onewife.com. Highly recommend for meaningful connections.

Zenon, Poland
June 2023

I came across the site accidentally but it has been amazing because I can now search for dates whenever I want. Love it!

Robert, UK
March 2023

This website is awesome!

Björn, Sweden
August 2022

I just joined Onewife, met her, and bam! Now I am a happily married husband. All the participants of this dating website had a positive experience on this platform. They have to call features which makes it easy to talk to the other person you are interested in. The best dating website ever!

James, Scotland
July 2022

Ive registered not long ago and Im completely satisfied with the way the website is arranged. Its very simple to use and if something isnt clear theres always customer service ready to help.

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Eric, Switzerland
December 2021

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