What is 2-way Live Video Chat?

2-way Live Video Chat is a unique option of Live Chat services. It allows you to see a ladys live video, and the lady can see your live video as well. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to show yourself to your dream lady, to become closer to each other, and to impress her or express your feelings visually! 

Previously, our site featured only one-way video streaming from the lady to you. Ladies could not see your video in Live Video Chat.

Now, your lady can see you when you turn on a 2-way Live Video Chat mode in your Live Video Chat session. So, now you and your lady can see each others live video and experience new feelings.

Enjoy thrilling and memorable moments of your conversation with your dream lady!

What are the requirements to start 2-way Live Video Chat?

In order to start 2-way Live Video Chat:

- You need to be logged into OneWife.com with your user name and password.

- You should have a working web camera connected to your computer.

- The lady with whom youd like a 2-way Live Video Chat should also have her camera connected to her computer.
The icon webcam on her profile picture will indicate that she is available for a Live Video Chat.

When can I start 2-way Live Video Chat with my lady?

If a lady is online and has the webcam icon in the upper left corner of her profile picture, she is available for both Live Video Chat and 2-way Live Video Chat. It is up to you to decide which kind of a chat you want with her. You can invite your lady to start Live Video Chat, and when her video starts playing, youre welcome to activate your own camera by pressing the button Start Your Live Video. In a moment, your camera will start playing your live video to the lady, and she will be able to see it in her chat window.

In the lower right corner of the chat window, you can see your own video stream, allowing you to control the video quality and image transmitted to the lady through your web camera. If it is necessary, please set the appropriate angle of your camera so that the lady can see you without any problems.

Can I communicate in 2-way Live Video Chat with more than one lady?

Sure! You can start playing your live video with as many ladies as you wish. In this case, all the ladies with whom you are chatting in 2-way Live Video Chat will see the same live video transmitted by your camera.

Should I dress up and wear anything special for 2-way Live Video Chat session?

Its not necessary to wear something special for this occasion, but we would advise you to look neat so you make a good impression on your lady. Dont forget that the first impression lasts.

Is there any option that allows a lady to view my live video when I cannot view her live video?

No, the lady can see your live video only when she has switched on her own camera from her computer. She also has to accept your invitation to a Live Video Chat and allow you to see her own live video. These are the necessary conditions for your lady to see your live video.

What are the costs for 2-way Live Video Chat?

2-way Live Video Chat is charged 5 credits per minute.

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