Find Your New Bride Online

They say that Russian women make for great wives, and that Ukrainian women are among the sexiest in the world. So, it is only natural if you want to get married to a woman from one of these two regions, and this is where comes in. One Wife, though a dating website in essence, has been designed to help men and women from around the world connect and fall in love. We have an extensive user base of Russian and Ukrainian women, each willing to date or marry a man who can shower them with love and take care of their needs.

Looking for a Bride?

We have a wide user base, covering hot Russian brides and Ukrainian brides, so you have plenty of options to choose from. You can define your preferences and we will help you find the right woman. Or, you can simply set up an account and let the women on our site get in touch with you. Make an instant connection and measure your compatibility so you can settle down in no time.

Mail Order Your New Bride

Who says the age old practice of mail ordering a bride doesn’t work today? Go the old-fashioned way and look for Russian mail order brides and Ukrainian mail order brides on One Wife. Find a lady you like and get in touch. We will help you two get in touch and then eventually get married.

At One Wife, we view ourselves as modern day matchmakers.

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