September 2022

Composing a Romantic Letter to a Slavic Woman

 A love letter to your favourite Slavic woman is one way of declaring your love for her. Love letters might seem old-fashioned in the fast-paced modern world but they still hold so much meaning. However, you might be wondering how to compose a romantic letter because you have found yourself staring at a blank piece…

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What to Wear on Your Date With a Ukrainian Single

Dating comes with many different experiences but once you have found that perfect Ukrainian single, it’s time to think about the date. Dates come in many different forms from romantic meals to casual strolls and picnics in the park. The time of year and the seasons can also make you feel as though you have…

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Sayings Slavic Women Believe In

Slavic language is created for romancing, which you can also notice in its deep poetic tradition, epic love stories, and the sad endings that are a big contribution to this culture. Knowing the beliefs and preferences is a great way to understand Slavic women. Mostly the women have their own choice of favorite sayings. But…

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