March 2018

Spring time in Russia: things to do for fun with your Russian bride

Spring is arguably the most anticipated of all the seasons in Russia thanks to to the beautiful transformations of scenery, regrowth of vegetation, a promise of fresh beginnings and an end of the bleak winter. Your Russian bride will likely explain to you how there is a distinctive feature in Russia of each season and…

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Tips on how to take the perfect selfie for your online dating profile

Online dating is incredibly exciting, but first impressions can count for a lot. So how do you take the perfect selfie for your profile picture that will get women interested from the outset? Over the past few years, a ‘selfie’ has become the standard format for profile pictures across social media and online dating websites.…

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Why March 8th is the most popular holiday for Russian women

As March approaches, there is a key date for your calendar that is very important for Russian women. March 8th is known around the world as International Women’s Day. It’s an incredibly important day for women everywhere and particularly Russian women as it’s so important that it’s actually a public holiday in Russia. But why…

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