Spring time in Russia: things to do for fun with your Russian bride

Spring is arguably the most anticipated of all the seasons in Russia thanks to to the beautiful transformations of scenery, regrowth of vegetation, a promise of fresh beginnings and an end of the bleak winter. Your Russian bride will likely explain to you how there is a distinctive feature in Russia of each season and that there are clear divides between each season. The diversity of the country, with its varied typography, timelines, and cultures mean that Russia is one of the most fascinating and breathtaking countries.

Russian bride

Would you like to meet me this spring?

There are several holidays in Russia during the Spring months and this gives your Russian bride ample opportunity to enjoy days out and come up with fun things to do should you be able to visit her. Starting with International Women’s Day on March 8th, the country is full of festivities, parties and celebrations focussed on women’s rights and equality. Throughout April, Russia has events to recognise everything from April’s Fools through to memorials for radiation victims. This makes the country one of the most varied for national events and will ensure that you have a memorable Spring break, full of unique experiences and adventures.

St Petersburg is an ideal city to visit in the Spring because it is still quiet, has not yet welcomed hoards of tourists and is a more manageable temperature. Expect the weather to still be cold but wrap up for strolls in the parks, music festivals, Russian Orthodox Easter celebrations, street parties and the beauty of Lake Ladoga covered in ice. Russian women will acknowledge that the bitterness of the temperatures may not be welcoming and for those who find that Russian Spring is still; a little too cold to bear, there is a multitude of museums and attractions that promise entertainment as well as warmth. Ask your Russian bride about visiting the Chekhovsky District where you will find everything from historical churches, game centers, war museums, theatres and a hockey center.

Russian bride

Let’s be happy together!

Of course, a trip to Russia is not complete without visiting Moscow and your Russian bride will be keen to show you the Spring sights. Enjoy pancakes galore from street vendors as you stroll through the city and perhaps take in the splendid views of the flower festival. Moscow is also keen to welcome back the ducks after the last thaw and so no city feels quite as Spring-like as here. River cruises are a must for those who want a unique way to see Moscow and this is sure to encourage you to visit any number of restaurants and museums that you pass by. At the end of April, the city’s fountains awake from their Winter hibernation and this exciting event feel like Spring has truly arrived and makes for a very romantic sight for you and your Russian bride.

Suggest to your Russian bride that you take a trip outside of the main cities and attractions during Spring and perhaps uncover new towns that neither of you has heard about. Russia is one of the world’s most varied and excited countries and offers something for all tastes. Sporing promises the beginning of newness and what better way to celebrate this with your Russian bride than to visit new areas? Try horse riding in Zaraysk, walks to observation points in Bekhovo or scenic beauty in Ruskeala. Your Russian bride is sure to have an abundance of suggestions and will also likely be filled with the energy that Spring brings.