Ivana Kupala: July of Slavic Singles

In the view of some early scholars, the Ivana Kupala was originally a pagan holiday fertility rite that was later adopted by the Orthodox Christians as the day of John the Baptist. Kupala in old Slavic means “bathing”. People associate it in the modern day with the summer solstice celebration. Just imagine dancing, jumping over fire, guessing, swimming, and searching for a non-existent magic plant all at the midnight. This is how Slavic singles celebrate the Ivan Kupala night which is an exceptional ancient holiday people respect for its authentic rites and traditions.

Ivana Kupala: July of Slavic Singles

I want to fall in love!

Slavic singles’ celebration of the summer is common across Europe. The holiday has many names such as Flakagajt in Albania, Saint Jeans in France, Sobotka in Poland, Midsommar in Sweden, and Ivana Kupala in Ukraine. This celebration takes place on 24th June in the old calendar and 7th July in the new calendar.


The rituals performed on the Ivana Kupala night are pagan. They are ancient and intend to have a magical meaning that you can trust or not in the modern-day. The rituals base on lavation and purification. They have been transformed into artistic types with time in the past centuries. People also associate them with nature and its forces like fire, water, and vegetation. This gives the reason why Slavic singles use the products of nature to enforce the magic and foster procreation, happiness, and health in their lives.

The ritual’s power enhances by the nighttime. Therefore most believe that you can be able to talk to water, fire, or earth. Additionally, you can figure out their secrets while getting maximum strength at night. However, the Slavic singles participating in this celebration know that nature can cause harm.

Ivana Kupala: July of Slavic Singles

Will you be with me?

Common rituals done by Slavic singles in the Ivana Kupala celebration

  • Jumping over fire
  • Tress sinking
  • Dancing around the Kupala tree
  • Wreath’s weaving
  • Ceremonial Slavic dinner with eggs, varenyky, and liquor
  • Straw burning

How Slavic Singles Organize the Ivana Kupala Night

  • Gather with your partner at a river bank and light up a fire.
  • Bathe to stay healthy and cleanse your sins. Be careful not to be caught by mermaids.
  • Jump over the fire with your Slavic mate. Ensure that you concentrate since stumbling means bad luck.
  • Float a weaved wreath into the water. One only recommend this for Slavic singles.
  • Find a blooming fern during the night and make your dreams come true. You will have the ability of understanding animals, become invisible and find treasures: in other words, you will turn out to be almost almighty. You also need to have some faith in the blooming fern you don’t have to Google it.

Ivana Kupala celebrations and traditions have experienced slight changes over time but mostly remain true to their origins. For only a single night, Slavic singles can submit their fate to nature, jump over a bonfire, search for the mystic blooming fern, and float on the river.