Mystery Places to Visit With Your Chinese Partner

Did you know that the 4th of August 2022 is the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day? It’s known as Qixi or the Seventh Night Festival to some. According to the legends, a cowherd came to love a weaving maid generations ago, but they were separated by the Milky Way. The two lovers could only see each other once a year in Heaven – on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. For that particular reason, let’s check out some amazing mystery locations to visit with your Chinese partner.

Mystery Places to Visit With Your Chinese Partner

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Beijing Hutongs

The first option that we’re going to talk about on this list is the Beijing Hutongs. This is an unconventional choice, we grant you, but it is also a highly effective one which is surprisingly romantic all at once. It’s great to visit with your Chinese partner.

These are fun little alleyways which all have quadrangle courtyard spaces lined with homes which people have lived in for centuries, so it is a good way to see into the lives of local people.

The best way to get around the area is to take a pedicab or a rickshaw.

You’ll get first-hand experience of how local people live their lives which is really nice. When you’re done, make sure that you take the time to stop and visit a local family because you can learn how to make Chinese dumplings together. It is a fun process which will bring you closer with your Chinese partner. 

Mt. Huangshan, Anhui

If you want to be able to visit one of the most famous mountains in China, go to Mt. Huangshan.

Mystery Places to Visit With Your Chinese Partner

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This is arguably one of the most romantic locations in China to go with your Chinese partner. You’ll immediately notice the peculiar things like the pine trees, the oddly-shaped rocks and such. However, you’ll also notice the hot springs, gorgeous winter landscapes and the sea of clouds.

This place is a great experience and well worth spending two or three days on top of the mountain. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset; look at the picturesque mountain vistas, moments of utter tranquillity and refreshing mountain air.

If you want to do something highly romantic, go to the chains and add your love lock to the many that are already there. You’ll seal your relationship with your Chinese partner by throwing the key into the valley and enjoy the radiant sensation that nobody will be able to break your bond.

Countless lovers come every year to this place and put their padlocks on the chains that line the mountain trails. All of these chains have a story as a result.

Final Thoughts

China is a gloriously beautiful place with many romantic places to visit with your Chinese partner.

These are two of the best options we were able to find, but there are many others to explore. Taking your Chinese partner to a mystery destination is a great way to spend time together and to see something brand new and exciting. At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to see these amazing destinations together with your Chinese partner. You’ll both benefit from learning and growing together as people, and it will add another layer of complexity and joy to your relationship!