How To Organize a Memorable Date With Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian lady

A little bit of thought and some careful preparation can go a long way when you’re preparing a special date with your Ukrainian lady. Making a date with your Ukrainian lady memorable is pretty important if you want to win her heart and put the foundations in place for a long and lasting relationship. The…

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Character Traits That Ukrainian Women Love in Their Men

Ukrainian Women

If you are looking to attract beautiful Ukrainian women in the hope of securing your next date, then it’s probably worth being aware of the types of traits they like in a man. Ukrainian women are known the world over for being stunningly attractive, beautiful and intelligent. This makes them very alluring to men from…

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Reasons Some Ukrainian Women Prefer Mature Men

Ukrainian women

If you’re new to online dating, you may have noticed that some Ukrainian women seem to prefer mature men rather than younger guys. It can be a little surprising for you to learn that this is in fact true. Some Ukrainian women do prefer to look for relationships with older, more mature, men rather than…

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Five Ways to Entertain Your Ukrainian Bride This Summer

Ukrainian bride

Summer is finally here and after what has been a challenging year so far, it’s time to think about how you will entertain your Ukrainian bride through the warmer months ahead? The arrival of the warmer weather gives us an opportunity to spend more time outdoors – if lockdown rules allow. After likely spending much…

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Your first night with your Ukrainian bride: how to make it unforgettable

Spending that first night with your Ukrainian bride is special, and it’s important to make it an unforgettable evening. Whether you’ve just got married or she’s your wife of the future, enjoying an evening with your Ukrainian bride for the first time is not to forget. It’s all about romance and creating memories to last…

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Things to talk about on your first real date with a Ukrainian bride

When you first get to go out on a real date with your Ukrainian bride, it can be hard to know what to do, what to say and how to act.  But don’t let that stop you making it a night to remember. In any relationship, when things reach a point at which it’s time…

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9 perfect tips to know before starting to date a Russian single lady

Before you start to date a Russian single lady, there are a number of considerations to make. You will have to decide whether you intend to meet her through an online dating site, whether you can manage a long distance relationship, what it is that attracts you to a Russian single lady in particular and…

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What do Slavic ladies hope for on St. Valentine’s Day?

Slavic ladies, like others across the globe, will eagerly await St. Valentine’s Day in the hope of feeling loved and enjoying a romantic experience. This annual occasion, which falls on the 14th February, is recognized in many countries and affords couples the opportunity to share their love, celebrate their union and be more thoughtful and…

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Your first video chat: do’s and don’ts

Your first video chat can be a daunting experience – it will feel like your communications with your new romance are more real and you are likely to spend a long time planning what to say, how to look, how to pose, your gestures and how animated you should be. Of course, it would be…

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Christmas and New Year in Ukraine: best traditions of Ukrainian brides

In Ukraine, Christmas and  New Year are two very special events that encompass a range of traditions and exciting family gatherings. Ukrainian brides are likely to prepare for this time of year well in advance and will be happy to discuss their plans and share their personal customs with you. Ukrainian brides will explain how…

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