Need for Speed: Russian Women’s Love for Cars

A love of cars is something that unites people around the world. Whether they’re designed and made in your home country or you prefer to import a really unique car. One thing that might surprise you is that you can bond with Russian women over your love of cars, just as much as Russian men!

Russians love cars – usually foreign cars that are big, bold and make a statement. After decades of having no choice but to drive Soviet-made cars, there are now more options. Russians often choose large SUVs, imported from Western countries.

Need for Speed: Russian Women’s Love for Cars

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Share Your Motoring Knowledge

Russian women are no stranger to the love of cars either. If you want to impress Russian women then talking about your love of cars is a great place to start. A lot of cars that are popular in Western countries are also very popular in Russia. One of the most popular cars to be bought in Russia in 2021 was the VW Polo. Other popular choices were the Skoda Rapid PA-II and the Toyota Rav 4.

Land Rovers are very popular in Russia. So if you’re picking up Russian women for a date then you should definitely make sure that your car impresses – the bigger the better. In recent years there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of Russian-made cars. Lada is one of the biggest Russian car brands. Over the past few years Lada has been making larger cars, modelled on Western SUVS and 4x4s, to match the taste of the Russian people.

Impressing Russian Women

Need for Speed: Russian Women’s Love for Cars

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Russian women are famously hard to impress. Often the advice is to be persistent and not resort to basic chat up lines that they’ve heard hundreds of times before. Rather than trying to crack a joke or use a cheesy chat up line, you should simply be kind and friendly. Say hello and spark a conversation. A compliment is a great way to break the ice but don’t lead with that, or it won’t feel genuine. You can then start to talk about her interests and talk will most likely turn to cars!

It isn’t just car talk that Russian women like. They have hands on approach to car loving too. It’s not unusual for them to learn mechanics, pick up tips from friends and be able to fix their own car problems. They can even upgrade their existing cars if they want.

Not only that, but with a love of cars and speed comes a love for motor-racing which is something that many Russian women enjoy! When you consider that they love fast cars it really is no surprise that they enjoy seeing them race around a track. In many cases they seize the opportunity to take part in racing themselves!

With a history of being restricted to Soviet brands, Russian women are enjoying much more freedom in general as well as in terms of their shopping habits. This means that they’re free to be interested in things that are typically seen as more masculine. This is why Russian women love cars, and will be happy to chat to you about their favourite brands and models on the market!