Tips for Meeting Latin Mate’s Parents for the First Time

So, you are dating the Latin mate of your dreams, but you have been invited to their home. Now, you are anxious about meeting their parents. Do not worry, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to survive and thrive when meeting your Latin mate’s parents.

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Greet Them Properly and with Respect

You should learn to pronounce your Latin mate’s in law’s names correctly. Upon meeting them for the first time use the formal “usted” (you) to create a good first impression. To add more oomph you can include an honorary. Use “Don” for the males and then the first name, and/or “Senor” and the last name. Use “Dona” for females and /or the first name or “Senora” and/or the last name.

For example, if the name is Sarah Rodriguez you can greet them like this: “Good morning Senora Rodriguez.” Or if the name is Antonio Lorenzo you can greet them like this: “Good afternoon Don Antonio.”

Make sure to follow your Latin mate’s parents lead in the greetings. For the father, it’s a handshake, and for the mother it is likely a kiss on the cheek followed by a hug.

Speak Some Fluent Spanish to Impress Them

It is hard to make an impression if you are stumbling or trying to look for the right words. Being afraid of making a mistake or offending your Latin mate’s in-laws might cost you dearly. To be on the safer side talk freely and appear to be an interesting person like you are. You can take some Spanish classes with your Latin mate.

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Check Your Posture

The first impression matters. Slouching when meeting your Latin mate’s parents will be a topic of discussion after you leave. Latin moms spend most of their time correcting their children’s posture. They would not want their children to fall for a slouching mate.

Finnish Your Food

Meeting your Latin mate’s in-laws will likely be in a social context. Therefore, there are higher chances that food will be involved. Do not dare not finish the whole plate. Not finishing your food can be interpreted in various ways:

  • You did not like their food. They are horrible people.
  • What kind of a person does not like this food?
  • You are wasteful and ungrateful.

Latinos do not waste food. It is a sin to do so. Just don’t waste food!

In summary, meeting your Latin mate’s in-laws can make you feel nervous. Meeting your in-laws will have to happen when dating. Therefore, being prepared beforehand will build your confidence and make a lasting first impression. We hope these tips will help you be on the safe side.