Spring festivals in Russia and Ukraine: Enjoy spring with Slavic brides

Slavic brides

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Russian women and those living in the Slavic countries enjoy wonderful weather in spring as Slavic brides enjoy the sunshine and going outdoors. Unlike the Western world where weather can be more temperamental when Slavic brides enjoy spring festivals chances are the sun is going to be shining.

When you’re speaking to women on online dating websites be sure to know the key dates within the Slavic calendar. While Russian women do celebrate some of the same festivities as those in the West such Easter, there are some which are unique to the countries Slavic brides reside in.

Slavic brides including all Russian women celebrate Orthodox Easter which is known as Paskha and is one of the festivities which changes the date every year, although it always takes place in springtime, usually April. Most Slavic brides who use online dating websites will be Orthodox Christians and while Easter is an official holiday in Ukraine, Russian women have to observe it as an unofficial holiday. Eastern Orthodox churches mark the event with a midnight service on Easter Sunday and after this baskets are blessed, and this signifies the end of the Great Lent which is a forty day fast which ends with a great feast. Most Slavic brides will attend church on Easter Sunday although when you chat through online dating websites you’ll be able to find out how religious the Russian women are, while some are practicing Christians others are not.

It’s more than just Easter in the springtime. Spring and Labour day, otherwise called May Day or the International Day of Solidarity for Workers (in Soviet times) falls on 1st May for Russian women but on 1st and 2nd May for Ukrainian women. The special day was originally marked with parades and demonstrations but has now largely lost this significance and instead, it marks the beginning of a new spring. Slavic brides tend to see this as a time to relax with friends and family and enjoy the weather. When using online dating websites you’ll see that Russian women and other women from the Slavic area will generally have extra time off work in order to celebrate.

Another festival which takes place within the spring time for Slavic brides is Victory Day which falls on 9th May and is an unofficial holiday for Belarus, Ukrainian and Russian women. The day falls on the historical date of Nazi Germany’s surrender in 1945 and is a somber day to commemorate the immense sacrifice of the Soviet men and women during the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), and it is believed that over 20 million Soviet soldiers and civilians lost their lives in the war. Military processions and salutes happen in larger cities and citizens gather to remember those lost.

When you’re using online dating websites it’s important to note down these important dates which happen in the lives of Slavic women.

Slavic brides

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