Christmas Ideas for an Online Date with Your Slavic Single

Online dates can be an interesting way to get to know new people, particularly if they’re further away from you like is often the case with Slavic singles. The only issue with online dates is that it can very quickly feel less exciting when you’re doing the same thing on each date. With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to use the holidays as an excuse to theme your dates with you Slavic single to revive the excitement.

Christmas Ideas for an online date with your Slavic Single

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Swap Traditions with Your Slavic Single

One of the easiest ways to make your dates more festive is to swap traditions. Spend some time talking about what your Slavic single does at Christmas, then talk about what you do for Christmas. If there’s particular film she likes to watch or a recipe that she grew up making then you could watch it together over video chat or if you could find the right ingredients then she could teach you to make her childhood recipe.

Make a Care Package

One of the ways that you could share Christmas together is to send a care package. You and your Slavic single could swap snacks, write a letter or give each other a little gift. Of course this depends on how far into dating you are, but it could be a really fun way to get to know each other.

Christmas Ideas for an online date with your Slavic Single

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Play Online Games with Your Slavic Single

While it’s not strictly festive, you could play games together or do festive online quizzes. A lot of the time, you only get chance to play games at Christmas, so taking time to play a game together will feel festive without being really Christmassy.

Watch Christmas Films Together

In decades gone by you had to try to start the film at the same time, but these days software like Rabbit and Together Tube creates a private room for you and your Slavic single to watch a film together online. Choose some of the best Christmas classics from both of your cultures and you can talk about the film afterwards.

Online dates aren’t always easy, but when it gets to holidays like Christmas then it’s very easy to think of themes and find new things to do, or simply put a new spin on the usual date ideas. Holidays are the perfect time to introduce yourself to your Slavic single’s culture and her to yours, so that you’ll have more to talk about in future.