May Holidays with a Russian Single

If you are looking to get to know and talk a lot more to a Russian single lady, then May is a great time to do it. Although you can of course get to know a lady anytime of the year, May is a month that has a good number of public holidays throughout. This is great because it means that you’ll be able to find time to chat and get to know one another.

May Holidays with a Russian Single

Let’s be together!

Russian Holidays in May

Showing that you have knowledge of where your Russian single lady lives and that you are interested in her lifestyle is a great way of impressing her.  So impress her by telling her that you know the following holidays:

  • 1st May – Spring and Labour Day
  • 2nd May – Day off because of Spring and Labour Day (1st May falls on a Sunday this year)
  • 3rd May – Eid al-Fitr (Muslim holiday)
  • 9th May – Victory Day
  • 10th May – National Public Holiday

You could even tell your Russian single girl that you are looking forward to speaking to her in June and seeing what she gets up to in order to celebrate Russia Day on the 12th June.

Chatting To Your Russian Single

One of the great things about having a month with so many public holidays is that your Russian single is likely to be able to find more time to chat. We all live such busy lives and as such it isn’t always possible to chat or even video chat as much as we would like. These extra days off in May help to slow down the pace of the month a little, which gives you both time to chat even more.

May Holidays with a Russian Single

I wish to meet you!

Not only that, but with these national public holidays comes a chance for your Russian lady to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. This gives you some wonderful opportunities to talk about how she has spent her day and what she has been up to; a great way to get to know her!  

Forget Arranging Anything on Victory Day

May might well be a great month for meeting up and getting to know each other but it is important to be respectful of their public holidays too. Keep in mind that Victory Day is a pretty important one in the Russian calendar, so you might want to avoid arranging anything for this date. Instead, choose another date in May to arrange something fun and romantic. If you’re meeting up with your Russian single in May then they really enjoy picnics where it is traditional to make and eat Shashlik, so this could make a really fun date idea.

Video chatting and chatting online is a great way to get to know someone that lives internationally and if you show an interest in her culture, calendar and how she is spending her days then you’ll find it even easier to get to know her!