Guide for Making a Perfect Online Dating Profile Pic

When it comes to getting noticed when online dating, you have to make sure that your profile picture captures the attention of those looking for a match. It might be tempting to take any photo and use that. After all, it shows who you are and people can see you but that’s not always the case. So, with this in mind, how do you make the perfect online dating profile picture?

Guide for Making a Perfect Online Dating Profile Pic

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Show Your Smile

This might seem obvious but the aim is to make sure people can see you happy. It has been found that people are 23% more likely to like your profile pic when online dating if you smile. So, make sure you pull off your biggest smile so people can see who you really are! A smile is easy and could be the difference between dating success and failure!

Don’t Go Neutral for Online Dating Pic

It might be tempting to keep your outfit neutral but this is not the right option when online dating. In fact, you should aim to wear a colour that is noticeable. So, the colour you need to wear is red as this has been found to make you look more attractive. Furthermore, you will stand out which is perfect for capturing attention. If the area in the photograph is filled with neutral colours, then a brighter outfit is going to work. Grab something red and you can be sure you’ll get spotted!

Take Up the Whole Photograph

The aim is to not look like a dot in the background of your picture when online dating. People want to see you, so make yourself the centre of attention! Make sure you take up a lot of physical space in your photograph as this enables people to see more of you. Researchers have found that expansive photographs work well. This means that you might choose to use outstretched arms or legs. If you take your photo at a table, you can also stretch your arms across the table. Remember, your photograph is all about you, so make it all about you when online dating.

Guide for Making a Perfect Online Dating Profile Pic

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Squeeze Your Eyes

If you think that keeping your eyes big and bright is the right way, think again. Known as squinching, you need to slightly squeeze the eyes as though you are bringing your cheeks upwards. However, this will make you look confident but make sure not to squint too much as this can have a negative effect on the photograph.

Ask a Friend to Choose the Best One

What you think is your best photograph might not actually be the best one. Furthermore, while you have the final say, ask someone to choose what they think is the best photograph. Having their opinion could help you to make a decision on a photo that you think is not the right one!

Use Natural Light for Online Dating Profile Pic

Using the camera flash can add as much as seven years to your age to your online dating picture. Therefore, aim to use natural light and you’ll find that your photographs improve. Additionally, this will help to hide wrinkles and blemishes, giving you a clearer complexion that looks younger!

So, don’t be shy when online dating. Therefore, take as many online dating photographs as you need and make sure you capture the best shot of you. Then you are ready to find that date!