August Events to Discover with Your Latin Single

Although South America is a happening country throughout the year, there are certain events that deserve some extra attention. From Colombia’s well-known Flower Festival to World’s Tango Championships, there are no better reasons to make South America your August getaway. All events are worth your time, even if you don’t belong to this region. Here we have listed some best August events that you can experience with your Latin Single.

August Events to Discover with Your Latin Single

Do you like festivals?

Tango Festival – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although the Tango festival is celebrated in Argentina every day of the year yet, the largest festival devoted to this most amazing dance is held in Buenos Aires in August. If you want something unique to discover with your Latin Single, then you must witness Tango Festival. Declared as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009, this beloved festival is not only another dance festival but an authentic interpretation of the heart, history, and soul of the passionate nation. With a large number of events happening all over the city, this captivating festival attracts the best tango dancers from abroad and Argentina.

You could enjoy an unrivaled and immersive tango-appreciation experience with your Latin single at this festival. The World Tango Championship is Latin America’s most fascinating cultural festival and has gained religious status among the tango-lovers.

You will be mesmerized by experiencing the locals’ inherent passion for their dance form. Apart from this, you may have a list of options while visiting Buenos Aires, but the last August weeks will add an extra extent to your experience.

Art and Culture Month, Quito, Ecuador

Ecuadorian Capital celebrates the art and culture of the country in every August. Quito bursts with concerts, music, color, festivities, and cultural exhibitions during this time. So, you can experience this event with your Latin single from August 9. This is when all the museums get open to the public, and streets are filled with art performances and concerts.

August Events to Discover with Your Latin Single

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Feria De las Flores, Medellin, Colombia

Feria De las Flores is one of those events that you cannot miss. Just like the world’s largest flower festival, Medellin’s annual festival is also a unique celebration. With antique car shows, horse parades, and the popular Desfile de Silleteros, where old and young march with their flower designs through the city. If you are fond of flowers, then you must attend this event with your Latin single.

Independence Day, Sucre, Bolivia

If you want to experience their patriotic culture, you may attend this event in August. Each year all Bolivians get together to celebrate the declaration of their independence. Gun Salutes, carnivals, parades, and fireworks reflect their rich cultural heritage. 

Wrapping Up

Latin America’s culture and history regenerate in August every year through its fascinating festivals. It is the best time to witness the extraordinary events of South America. Without wasting time, pack your bags and discover these events with your Latin single.