How do Ukrainian ladies celebrate Easter?

Ukrainian ladies

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The Easter holidays are just around the corner, and so what better time than now to get to know how Ukrainian ladies celebrate Easter?

Spending a little time familiarizing yourself with key holidays, celebrations and cultural events of your Ukrainian girls can really pay dividends and help form a stronger bond with your dream Ukrainian ladies. It shows a great deal of respect for them, and can give you great opportunities to go and really impress your dream lady.

Easter is the perfect time to do some of this research and know what your Ukrainian lady may be expecting from you.  Even if they expect nothing, it’s great for you to be able to surprise her in a way that she will both recognize and appreciate.

So, how do Ukrainian ladies celebrate Easter?

Easter in Ukraine

Firstly, the basics. Ukrainian ladies will have a day off on Easter Sunday as it’s a public holiday.  Known as Velykden (The Great Day), it is a day for families to attend special Easter church services and eat a traditional meal together to celebrate the end of Lent.

Easter is also one of the main holidays in Ukraine and is a very happy time for orthodox Christians.  Easter Sunday will see museums, shops, galleries and most other businesses closed to allow Ukrainian families to celebrate together and have some time off.

Some Ukrainian ladies keep Lent

Lent is practiced in Ukraine as much as it is elsewhere in the world.  Lent is the period of fasting for six weeks in the run up to Easter, prior to a large and traditional celebrating on Easter Sunday. Ukrainian ladies may well be fasting in the run-up to Easter, so, first of all, beware if they are.

Once Easter Sunday arrives, it is celebrated with a meal consisting of great local food, such as eggs, sweet bread, and meat.  Paska is a traditional type of Easter bread that is baked and eaten in Ukraine, so why not check out the recipe and really surprise your Ukrainian bride this Easter?

Pysanka – dyed eggs

Perhaps one of Ukraine’s most famous cultural products, Pysanka are eggs that have been colorfully dyed for Easter celebrations.  They will often be dyed with intricate and attractive patterns, and Ukrainian ladies will most definitely be looking forward to sharing these with their family and loved ones.

Eggs are very symbolic when it comes to religion in Ukraine, and so expect to see decorated eggs at other religious festivals and events through the year.

Remember loved ones

In Ukraine, Easter often extends in to the following week beyond Easter Monday – which is also a Bank Holiday, by the way. The days following Easter are generally used as a time for remember the dead. Ukrainian ladies will be with the families and visit memorials to loved ones and family members who are no longer with us.  Families will often take a small basket of food and gifts to cemeteries in the week following Easter and leave them for their ancestors.

Ukrainian ladies

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