You or a Russian lady – who should make the first step?

Russian lady

I’m waiting for you!

Russian women are raised to be strong, assertive and capable, they are encouraged to pursue their dreams and work hard to achieve their goals. As such, your Russian lady will inevitably be independent and confident enough to assert herself during your interactions and to help her progress your relationship in the way that she wishes. However, it is never attractive to a Russian lady to feel that she is chasing a man and so at the very least, you must find a balance between who should take the first steps. It is therefore advisable for both partners to take turns in taking the first step in order to ensure that neither feels less adored than the other.

Traditionally, a woman would wait for a man to lead the way in a relationship, with his setting the pace being the rule for how quickly their closeness progresses. However, in recent decades, it has become acceptable and often expected for a lady to make the first move. In many ways, a Russian lady will assess the strength of character that a man has by the way in which he responds to any first move that she may make. Online dating relationships move much quicker than standard relationships in some ways as a couple is able to explore each other’s personalities more thoroughly and are less consumed with physical matters. There will be several ‘first steps’ throughout your relationship with a Russian lady. This will include the first time that you ever message each other, the first time that you send a voice message or online chat, the first time you speak by phone, the first time you suggest a future plan. If your Russian lady is obliged to introduce conversations and suggestions initially in all of these instances, she is sure to feel less attractive and will question your commitment to her.

Russian lady

Are you ready to make the first step?

Instead, even if you are not usually outgoing, take her lead and if she seems interested, show your Russian woman that you are keen and fond of her. If your Russian lady seems more extrovert than you, embrace that and even explain that you are more shy or coy. In doing so, your Russian lady will know what to expect and will have more patience and respect your pace. Never be afraid to ask your Russian lady whether it would be appropriate to make an advancing move before doing so. By asking her whether she would welcome the opportunity to meet you face to face for example, you will gauge her level of interest and pave the way for you making the first step.

Your Russian lady may have received interest from other men on the online dating site and although it would not be advisable or chivalrous for you to come on too strongly or make inappropriate advances or comments, do be aware that if you are slow to demonstrate your feelings, this may be misunderstood as a lack of desire and your Russian woman may divert her attention elsewhere. Be careful to find an appropriate balance that allows the Russian lady some control and encourages her to set the pace whilst not forgoing your opportunity to direct your relationship as you so desire. Take turns to take the first step and always remember that chivalrous back seats might be polite, but they may also send mixed signals.