Sweet Phrases to Make Your Latin Lady Smile

Dating can be really fun, but when you’re dating someone from another culture it has the potential to work out really well or not work at all, and it all depends on the effort that you put in. If you’re dating a Latin lady and you want to make her smile then take time to learn more about her culture, learn a few phrases to speak to her in her language. While you’re taking time to learn some phrases in her language, it would be a great opportunity to learn how to compliment your Latin lady and really make her smile.

Sweet Phrases to make your Latin Lady Smile

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Compliment Your Latin Lady

“Eres May Bonita Hoy” –  This means “you look very beautiful today”. It’s a very simple compliment and one that could often feel a little overused, but if you learn how to say it in your Latin lady’s own language then this makes it really special.

“Estas siempre alegre” – Compliments based on how your Latin lady looks can work very well, but an even better way to compliment your new friends is to compliment her personality. “Estas siempre alegre” means “you’re always so cheerful”, or if you want to tone it down a little then say “Estas alegre” which means “you’re so cheerful”,

Sweet Phrases to make your Latin Lady Smile

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Think About What Your Latin Lady Will Like

Pay attention to her hobbies. Compliments always work better when it’s something that’s unique and personal to them. If you really want to make your Latin lady smile, then think about what makes her happy. Pay attention to what’s important to her and what she likes to do. You can then compliment her based on something that she’s working on at the time.

If she’s trying to become better at crafting, you could say “que lindo/a___” which means “what a beautiful….”. All you need to do is search the word for what she’s created. If she’s starting a business then a great compliment to make your Latin lady smile would be “Tu es muy trabajadora” which means “you’re a hard worker”.

When you’re thinking of compliments to make your Latin lady smile, focusing on things that are important to her is one of the easiest ways to make sure your compliment really has an impact. You don’t have to learn phrases in her language if you don’t feel confident, but learning small phrases to be able to say to her in her own language will go a long way to making your Latin lady smile.