Top Romantic Places in Kiev to Choose For Your First Date With Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

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Kiev is a beautiful city, one with lots of attractions and fun that can help so much to that feeling of romance on a date with your Ukrainian girlfriend. Here are some suggestions of romantic venues and backdrops to your dates.

Pushcha Vodytsia Park

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If you wished for a setting for a peaceful romantic walk, you don’t need to look further in Kiev than Pushcha Park. It boasts fantastic scenery, including a tranquil lake. Perfect for both cycling and walking. Pushcha Vodytsia Park offers the perfect location for a picnic and to spend time getting to know each other in beautiful surroundings.

Kiev Castle Hill

This place visually rewards you with fantastic views of Kiev and the beautiful Dnipro river. No rewards come without a price; the price of this fantastic view is a brisk walk up the hill. A price worth paying, make sure you take a few snacks and drinks. Plan to spend a little time looking at the scenery and enjoying the ambience of this beautiful place and its stunning views.

The Wish Tree and Ladya Founders Monument

If you are looking for a romantic touch to your date then the wish tree, located near to the Ladya Founders Monument will fit the bill perfectly. Remember to pop a piece of brightly coloured ribbon in your pocket before your date, then in suitable style tie it to the tree and both make a wish. A bit of fun maybe, but one that is sure to be appreciated. While you are there don’t miss the Ladya, which means boat. It’s a beaten copper statue of the founders of Kiev and gives a visually interesting sight that is intrinsic with Kiev’s roots. Traditionally brides would come and stand with their back to the statue, throw there bouquet over their heads. Hoping it would land within the boat. A sign of good luck and fortune for the family.

Kiev’s Lovers Bridge

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The Lovers Bridge in Kiev is a beautiful place surrounded by trees. The green and lush trees and plants contrast with the cast iron and wooden bridge to give a magical feel to the place. Built in 1910 it’s a great place for a good view of Kiev. A traditional place in Kiev that supposedly grows stronger with each lovers kiss shared on its deck. Make sure you give a little strength to the bridge and a wonderful memory for you.

Landscape Alley Park

Kiev offers some fantastic sculpture parks. The one I have chosen is Landscape alley as it offers 17 of the most fun and colourful sculptures in Kiev. With a fun and comical edge to the sculptures and the wonderful park they reside in, Landscape Alley is a great place to have fun and enjoy your date’s company outdoors.

Ultimately, you should speak to your Ukrainian girlfriend to make sure you know the type of things she will enjoy and where she might like to go on a date. Kiev some amazing places so finding somewhere that you both like shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.