Best ways to find a common language with your Ukrainian lady

Now that you’ve found your dream Ukrainian lady, it’s important to find a way of communicating with her effectively despite the language barrier.

Long-distance relationships are much easier now than they’ve ever been, thanks largely to the digital technology that surrounds us.  However, to make a relationship really work and go from strength-to-strength, you need to find a reliable way of communicating with your Ukrainian lady.

Ukrainian lady

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Before we offer some tips for this, it’s important that if you’re thinking of learning Ukrainian, then do just that – do not learn Russian and think that it’s the same thing.  While some businesses in Ukraine will use the Russian language when required, not all of the Ukrainian brides know Russian well enough. It’s a common mistake that people make.

Here are our top tips for finding a common language with your Ukrainian lady:

Commonalities in verbal communication

The first thing to establish when talking to your Ukrainian lady is to see if there are any words in your language, or hers, that you both know. Even if there are only a few, being able to share these few precious words can really help to establish a connection and common ground in conversation.

Further to this, take your time learn some key words as quickly as you can. Your Ukrainian woman won’t expect you to be fluent, but phrases such as “hello”, “how are you?”, “you look beautiful”, etc can really impress.

Speak slowly with your Ukrainian lady

When you’re trying to talk verbally, it’s important that both you and your Ukrainian lady speak slowly and clearly. If you can use video chat, it helps further as you are able to lip read and further enhance the conversation.  As you get to know each other better, you will become familiar with the accent and tonality of your Ukrainian lady, making it easier to communicate.

Keep it familiar

Once your Ukrainian woman begins to understand or recognise certain words of phrases, then ensure you continue to use these. Do not be tempted to then use another word or phrase to describe the same thing, it will really confuse matters.  Also, once some familiar words have been established, try to use them frequently for purposes of familiarity.

Write it down

Whether you’re speaking in person or online, writing messages down can really help, even if the language is different. As small parts of conversation become familiar in each language, difficult word can perhaps then be conquered if they are written down.  You could even try drawing simple sketches at first to help clear illustrate certain words or phrases.

Have a Ukrainian dictionary or phrase book to hand

It can be helpful to buy a Ukrainian phrasebook or dictionary (perhaps both) and keep it to hand for when speaking with your Ukrainian lady. This will quickly help to clear up any uncertainties in conversation and can also help each of you learn specific words and phrases in each other’s language.  It can also be fun to try and learn specific phrases in each other’s language as a couple, be it in person or by video chat.