Top five national habits of Russian ladies

Top five national habits of Russian ladies

If you’ve dated Russian ladies, you will know that they are powerful and independent women, and also incredibly patriotic. They also display habits that are well-known in Russians.

The Russian people are as fascinating as they are charismatic, and knowing some of the popular habits displayed by Russian ladies will help your relationship go far. It’s also good to know some of those most popular habits in advance of meeting or going out with a Russian girl. You will know that these are common and behaviors seen with many Russian ladies and people in general. Habits of Russian women are not all bad, and they’re all characteristics shared by many people around the country. So, what habits should you expect to see from Russian ladies? Here are the top five most common.

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They may be late for a date

Sometimes Russians are perceived to be punctual people, certainly in the corporate world. However, the same cannot be said of Russian ladies on dates. Don’t be surprised, nor concerned if your lady keeps you waiting on your big date, possibly by as long as 45 minutes.  She will turn up, however, she will also take her time getting ready so that she looks her best for you.

For Russian ladies, love outweighs work

It’s quite well-known in Russia, however Western men can sometimes be surprised by the fact that Russian women will nearly always place a higher priority on finding love than anything else. Relationships will also come above professional careers, so you should expect a Russian lady to be fully committed to making things work.

Russian ladies are unlikely to smile at strangers

Russian ladies are some of the nicest you will meet, however, if they do not know you, don’t expect them to smile at you. In Russia, a smile is a very sincere gesture and means a lot. Women will smile at people that they like or love, but strangers will very rarely be on the receiving end of a beautiful smile from a Russian woman.

Looking good is important every day

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One habit which Russian ladies are known for, and that they’re very proud of, is their looks. Women in Russia will always aim to look the best they possibly can, regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s an exciting date, a day at work or relaxing at home, looking their best is always important. This will stretch to both clothing and makeup, with the latter usually perfectly applied without going over-the-top.

Russian wives are thrifty

Russian women are known to be very glamorous, and as we’ve just pointed out, they like to look their best whenever possible. Occasionally, this may involve spending a large amount of money on fashionable clothing or makeup. However, in married life, Russian ladies are also very thrifty. While still looking their best, in all areas of life they will look to make the most of the money they have and make it go further for them and their family.