Seven rules of the ‘online dating game’ worth following to win

Online dating is incredibly exciting and presents an opportunity to meet new people from around the world, but are you playing the game correctly?

Since online dating first emerged as a thing more than 10 years ago, the way in which we interact with potential dates has changed significantly. We’ve learned how to speak to one another in a way which stimulates further conversation – and let’s be honest if you haven’t had success when using dating websites, you probably need a change of tactic.

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This is where the unwritten rules of the online dating game come into it. A small set of guides to keep you on track and on course to find love in the digital world.

So, what are these all-important rules? Here are the top seven – if you stick to these, you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Leave out the arrogance

One big turn-off in online dating, and probably in any dating situation if we’re being honest, is arrogance. Any form of bragging, self-congratulation or general bigging up of yourself is not likely to go down too well, so that’s an important thing to avoid. Instead, be honest, humble and polite.

Always have a profile photo

We’ve all heard the stories of blind dates that are less than successful, so if you’re trying to win the hearts of ladies online then make sure you have a profile photo. After all, you will look for one on theirs. Make the photo recent, without filters and as natural as you can. Oh, and make sure there are no ex-girlfriends in it!

In fact, have multiple photos

While we’re on the subject of photographs, it’s a good idea to have several on your profile. This helps the lady see that your pictures are authentic and that it’s actually you rather than some guy’s photo you found online.

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Don’t bring up past relationships

If you meet a woman online and things develop, there may be a time and place to discuss past relationships. However, when online dating and early on in relationships, it’s most definitely not going to help.

Don’t play hard to get

One thing some men may occasionally do online is to think that by playing hard to get, they increase their chances of attracting a woman. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re not interested in someone who contacts you, then simply do not reply. Replying with small, sharp responses to try and make the lady work harder for attention will simply not work. In fact, you’ll probably quickly run out of options!

Follow-up with your date

Traditional rules in dating used to suggest not called for 2-3 days, to allow some cool-off time and an opportunity for both partners to realize how much they enjoyed each other’s company. Not anymore. With online dating, there is so much competition and so many distractions that you should absolutely follow-up with another message or conversation the day after your first date or conversation.

Don’t jump at the first person who shows interest

Believe it or not, it may take time for you to find someone that you truly are attracted to, and them to you. Don’t rush into things.