Pros and Cons of International Dating

international dating

Now that we live a digital life, it becomes easy for us to connect with people from overseas. Once you start to converse with someone, eventually, this conversation can lead to a mutual relationship. International dating is not a new thing; in fact, it has been going on since time immemorial. This article will touch on some of the pros and cons of international dating. The reason why it has been written is that we want you to know both aspects so that you can stay informed before you dig into international dating.


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Get to Know a New Culture

The most significant advantage of international dating is that you get to know a new culture. Since the person will be from a different part of the globe, you never know how they live, their beliefs, the festivals they celebrate, and their culture. This is the beauty of international dating. Another aspect of it is that international dating can help you develop your social skills as well. You interact with someone from a completely different background; this gives you a chance to learn more about your culture. And the more you show interest, the better your social skills become.

Go for International Trips

Just because you are in an international relationship doesn’t mean that you won’t be meeting that person at all. Since both of you will be from two different parts of the world, you will get a chance to visit a new country with the excuse of meeting the person you are dating. So, if you are someone who loves to travel, international dating will be good for you.

Try Foreign Food

Since the person you are dating will belong to a different world, it’s apparent that they will have their dedicated cuisines. This means that you will get to try their food as well! Doesn’t this sound exciting? Once you visit the person, you can always go out and try their local cuisine. Similarly, when they visit your country, you can take them to try out your dishes. These things can help you build your relationship.


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You Won’t See Each Other Much

A long-distance relationship is always challenging. And when you are dating someone from a different country, it means that you won’t get to see that person probably for two consecutive years. And not being able to see one another will affect the relationship because we all want the person we love close to us. You are forced to let go of your desires to see them; you are forced to say that you are alright so that the other person doesn’t feel hurt. Not being able to see one another is the biggest drawback of international dating.

You Have Negative Thoughts

Another thing that is common in an international relationship is that your mind gets filled with negative thoughts. The initial few days will be fine, but as your relationship starts to grow, you will notice that even the slightest thing will lead to bad thoughts. For example, “why isn’t he or she not receiving my calls” “I text him an hour back, but he or she didn’t reply.” These are the common forms of bad thoughts. Sometimes, you may end up thinking that your international dating partner is cheating.

It Can be Super-Expensive

Since the distance between you and your dating partner is massive, it means that to even go to the country where your dating partner is living will cost you exponentially. Finance is something that you will have to think about. Indeed, you won’t like to take a loan just to meet someone, right. And when you travel to another country, it’s not just the traveling cost that you should be worried about; there will be food and lodging expenses too.