Phubbing: How it Affects Relationship and Dating


Imagine going out on a date with someone, and the moment both of you started having a deep conversation, one of you takes out your phone and starts reading a chat message or scroll through something else! How would the other person feel? Well, that’s what phubbing is. And it’s incredibly harmful both for dating and relationships.

Would you abandon your phone for me?

What It Is like

This simple phenomenon may not look alarming to you, but to the lady who is giving her full attention to you, phubbing is definitely a mood-killer. Phubbing hurts, and when something hurts, it is not suitable for your relationship.

According to studies, phubbing results in poor face-to-face interactions. It interrupts you and your partner direly. Today, everyone owns a smartphone, now imagine what will happen if everyone takes out their mobile phone when they go for a dateAll of you will be staring on your mobile phone, which means no meaningful conversation will happen, eventually leading to a poor dating experience.

It Affects Mental Health

Phubbing has already affected a lot of relationships and dating. In fact, another study was conducted where it was discovered that satisfaction level decreases because of phubbing, something that everyone should worry about. In a relationship, a partner looks for belongingness, respect, meaningful existence, and mutual understanding, but if your partner sees you using your mobile whenever she starts having a conversation, it will impact their emotional state of mind. When someone phubs, the other person feels excluded, rejected, and also not necessary. All these things will ultimately affect the mental health of the other person.

May this habit be the start of our relationship?

Signs That You Are a Phubber

You take out your smartphone and have two conversations at one go. One with the person sitting right in front of you and the other with your device. If this is happening, you are a phubber. And the truth is you are not doing the right thing.

Whenever you go out for a date, rather than concentrating on your dating experience, you don’t hesitate to take out your phone. Even during dinner, you keep your phone right beside the dinner plate to never miss a message from someone. This is a warning sign that soon you will pay attention to your mobile phone and start phubbing and miss out on the whole essence of having dinner with your partner.

No matter where you are with your partner, you are probably traveling to a new country, the museum, the movie theatre, etc., you can’t stay away from your mobile phone, and you feel the urge to go through it. There you go; you are a phubber.

How To Avoid It

You have to let go of this habit if you don’t want it to affect your relationship or datingMake it a point to avoid using your mobile phone whenever you are with someone. Keep it in silent mode, or just switch it off. Phubbing is a habit, and it won’t be easy to leave it, but you can always read the text messages later once the date night is over. Just a little bit of hard work, and you won’t make your partner feel alienated.