Five traditions for celebrating Ivan Kupala with your Slavic bride

You know that it’s summer when Ivan Kupala is celebrated across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland, but how do you celebrate it with your Slavic bride?

One of the great benefits of using international dating websites is that you meet beautiful women from around the world and thus end up exposed to many new cultural holidays and celebrations. One such celebration is Ivan Kupala; the celebration of the summer solstice.

Kupala is celebrated across the region and your Slavic bride will be relishing the opportunity to celebrate it with you. However, while you will be welcome to be present for the celebration, much of it actually takes place with women.

Slavic bride
I’ll keep you awake all night!

Here are five traditions for celebrating Ivan Kupala.

Stay awake all night with your Slavic bride

On the longest night of the year (light for longest), or summer solstice, Ivan Kupala is celebrated. On this night, it is a tradition that women should stay awake throughout the night and enjoy some of the ancient cultural rituals of purification. It may be something that your Slavic bride does with her mother and sisters, or it could be a family thing. Either way, make sure you support it and make every effort to get involved!

Celebrate love and nature

Ivan Kupala celebrates love and nature, so traditionally spending time with loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors are high on the agenda. Why not take a camping trip with your Slavic bride so that she can be outside and close to nature while also getting to enjoy the love of her partner?

Slavic bride
Let’s celebrate together!

Weaving of wreaths from flowers and ferns

The Ivan Kupala celebrations begin when night falls, but preparation may start earlier in the day. One important piece of preparation is the weaving of flowers and ferns which are said to bring luck, strength, and prosperity. Again, this is primarily done by your Slavic bride and other ladies, but at the very least offer to go along with her and enjoy being around the celebration. These will later be thrown into the water.

Family time with your Slavic bride

Celebrating Ivan Kupala is most definitely something that should be done with family, and so encourage your Slavic bride to have family get-togethers if she is not already thinking of celebrating publicly! This is a special event and one not to be missed.

Public gatherings

Celebration of Ivan Kupala goes back to Pagan times, and so the traditions simply must be continued. One such tradition is the gathering of women in traditional dresses to perform many of the celebratory activities, including the making and throwing of wreaths. There will also be singing of traditional songs.