Top five signals to tell if your Russian lady is interested in you

Top five signals to tell if your Russian lady is interested in you

So, you’ve met the Russian lady of your dreams, but you’re unsure whether she truly likes you? Well, let us help you by telling you about the secret signals that indicate that the feeling is mutual.

A Russian lady is very faithful, trustworthy and enthusiastic about relationships where she feels happy, respected and is falling in love. But knowing when your charms are working and when they’re not is important so as you know whether to push things on further in your relationship. Here are the top five signals to that your Russian lady is falling for you.

Russian lady

Will you be my husband?

You’re in a regular contact with her 

Believe it or not, if you’re in a regular contact with your Russian lady and you are receiving messages and letters back from her, there’s a high possibility that she is as interested in you as you are in her. Russian girls can be very straight forward and are unlikely to waste their time or yours if they do not feel as though there is something worse pursuing between you. So, if you find yourself exchanging lots of communication, it’s likely you’re off to a great start.

Laughing at your jokes, even if they’re bad 

This one is slightly more universal than being limited to your Russian lady, however, you should pay attention. While Russian girls may have a reputation at times for being quite straight forward, they love to be made to laugh by their man. So, if your witty one-liners and puns are making her laugh, there is a good chance you’re on to a winner. Furthermore, if she is laughing even when the jokes are poor, then it’s a sure sign that she is trying to make you feel comfortable around her so that the feelings between you grow.

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My heart is still free… Take your chance!

Discussing her personal life 

If a Russian lady begins to talk in detail about her personal life, such as her career and friends, then it’s a very good sign for your relationship. It means that she is comfortable sharing this information with you, and she’s probably hoping that you’ll share details about your life as well.

Your Russian lady wants to meet 

There will come a time in all online relationships when things should turn from being solely online and move into a proper, physical relationship. If your Russian lady begins to talk about the possibility of meeting her, then the signs are that she is looking to develop your relationship into something more long-term.

You’re invited to meet her family 

Russia is perhaps one of the most family-orientated countries left in the world, and so meeting a Russian girl’s family really is a sign that things are getting serious. In fact, in some instances, a Russian lady will only introduce a man to her family when she is sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. If when you meet or talk she mentions the possibility of you going to meet her family, it’s a nailed-on certainty that this relationship is as real as it gets.