Five advantages of video chat on a dating website

Online dating has revolutionized how we meet people, and the functionality on such as video chat has taken these websites into a whole new realm. 

Early dating websites offered users functionality such as member profiles and email-style messaging. While this was great inception at the time, things have moved on and leading websites now offer things such as video chats. 

When choosing which online dating website to use, it’s well worth carefully reviewing what functionality is available to you. Video chat is a pre-requisite as it brings so many benefits to users who are looking for love.

Here are just a few of the advantages of video chat on a dating website: 

See the real person

video chat
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Video chats allow you to see beyond a profile photo and see the real person, their mannerisms and their actual physical movements. Sometimes a profile photo can be dressed up with filters or will be photographed from a certain angle. This isn’t the case when using video chat which allows everything to be seen in a much more genuine and realistic way.

You can see how ladies react to the conversation

One of the best things about video chats is that you can see the real reactions to conversation. Whether it be a question you ask, an answer you give or even a joke that you tell, being able to see how she reacts allows you to manage the conversation much more easily and build-up an idea of what she is and isn’t comfortable talking about.

Video chat is in real-time

video chat
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Old, conventional text-based messages had their uses, and still do, but there is that inevitable delay between sending and receiving a reply. Video chats take that delay away in the sense that it’s real-time communication. You are actually holding a real-life conversation with someone and the reactions and replies are instant. There is no three-day wait to get a reply!

It’s a genuine interaction

In today’s online world, there have been many examples of something referred to as ‘catfishing’. This is when you think you are talking to one person but you’re actually talking to someone totally different who isn’t who they say they are. Video chat takes that away because you can see exactly who you are talking to. It will very quickly tell you whether information on their profile, such as their photos, are genuine.

Video chat is fun!

Finally, the video chat is great fun! There is no better way of interacting with somebody online than through live video chat!