Features of Online Dating You May Not Know about

online dating

Online dating is most certainly no longer a new phenomenon, however, there could well be a load of features that you’re not using.

Like with anything in life, change can be tough! Whether you’re completely new to online dating or perhaps you just like using the same features on an app or website repeatedly, it may be that you’re missing out on some great functionality.

online dating

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Online dating has put love at our very fingertips. Thousands of people around the world are online at any single moment looking for love. They could be within a mile of your house or on the opposite side of the world, but the opportunities are enormous.

This means that it’s important that you know all of the tools that you may find on a dating website. Knowing what’s available makes sure that you’ll get as much out of your experience as possible.

So, away from some of the more obvious features you will know about, here are a few pieces of functionality or aspects of online dating that you may have missed.

Give gifts

It may surprise you to know that many dating websites have some sort of gift giving functionality. They may be virtual gifts or real ones, but either way it’s a great way to let a date know how much she means to you. The great thing is that you do not need the woman’s address in most cases – you can purchase the gift but then the company fulfils that directly to the lady based on the details they hold for her. No exchange of addresses/personal information required!

It’s private

online dating

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Online dating should be totally private, therefore, giving you the option to behave as you like. If you wish to put all of your focus into just the one lady you have found or if you may be talking to two or three at a time while you identify the best match, then that is something only you know about. 

Video chat without giving any personal details

2020 has seen a surge in the use of video chatting through many of the big providers in the market. However, many online dating platforms now have video chatting of their own, meaning you don’t need to swap phone numbers, email addresses or usernames for other platforms if you don’t want to. Keep it all on the website!

Photo galleries

Every dating website you visit will have profiles of users with a photo. But did you know that many now offer multiple photos? Maybe not so much a gallery, but users are often able to upload more than one photo of themselves, giving potential dates more to review. Just try scrolling down or clicking to the side, there may be more photos to see!