Being Overly Affectionate – Benefits or Harms Your Relationship With Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian lady

Knowing how affectionate to be and when to start being affectionate when you’re dating is the eternal struggle – you don’t want to be seen as cold and heartless but you also don’t want to scare them off. This is enough of a balancing act when dating someone from your own cultural background – but what if you’re dating a Ukrainian lady?

I want to see a strong man next to me!

Important Things To Know About Your Ukrainian Lady

When you first meet a Ukrainian lady she will often be quite hesitant with you and hold back a lot. It’s understandable as she doesn’t know you well enough yet, but let the way she acts inform how affectionate you are. A Ukrainian lady will expect you to be a gentleman, so be friendly and respectful at all times. A Ukrainian woman might want to take things slowly, particularly if you’re dating long distance. Let her take the lead and if she starts to be affectionate then reciprocate this.

Are you an affectionate person?

After a few weeks of talking it’s acceptable to be more affectionate. Start by complimenting her – mention how she looks as Ukrainian women put a lot of work into looking good, and compliment her personality because this is also important to a Ukrainian lady.

Go At A Pace She’s Happy With

If the compliments are well received and you’ve started to have a laugh and joke together then try subtly making the jokes a little flirtier and see what happens. If she responds well then you can carry on.

Sharing secrets or stories of growing up is a great way to feel closer without being overly affectionate. If this goes well you will most likely feel a natural connection growing and then it’s OK to start being affectionate.

What To Do When You Meet

If you get to the point of meeting up then don’t be over the top in public. A kiss on the cheek or putting your arm around a Ukrainian lady in public is fine but any more than this won’t be well received.

Ukrainian women do like to be shown affection but it needs to be when the time is right and when you’re in the right setting. As long as you let her take the lead it’ll work out fine; as you get to know better you’ll know her boundaries and what she is happy with – don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes too, that way you know you’re getting things right!