How to avoid scam when using Russian dating websites

Using Russian dating websites can be a great way to meet new women in a part of the world which may have been beyond your reach previously.

However, as with anything in life, you should always remain on your guard so that you that your quest to find love does not end up being a costly mistake.

Russian dating websites

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Unfortunately, scams are known to have taken place on Russian dating websites in the past. Stories about women you are talking to not being real, meet-ups being entirely stage-managed, and money spent on gifts not finding their way to the intended recipient.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid a scan when using Russian dating websites:

Don’t send money to your date 

A sure-fire way for you to increase the chances of being scammed on dating websites is to send money to people you meet on them without knowing them well enough. Even if ladies ask for money, don’t send it. Instead, use the digital gift-giving services that you can find on most websites. Once you got a money request from your date, report it to the administration of your dating website to let them take necessary measures.

Russian dating websites

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Send her a physical gift and ask for a photo of it

And that leads us to this point. A great way to try and ensure that the Russian dating websites you use are legitimate is to try and break away from the site a little just to test the water. Try getting your Russian lady’s address to send her a gift and ask for a photo of her with the gift when it arrives. You could even see if there is a signed-for delivery service, and request proof of who took delivery of it to make sure names match-up!

Make sure that there is the anti-scam policy on Russian dating websites

Every reliable website has got their own anti-scam policy and protects the members from scam activities. The policy may include the verification of members’ profiles, video checks etc., which allow ensuring that a person you’re talking to through Russian dating websites is real and communicates with you by herself. Secure Russian dating websites have their anti-scam policy in a public access so that the website users can get acquainted with it even before they sign up, which adds more reliability and trust to the website.