5 Ways to Flirt That Will Help to Win a Slavic Lady’s Heart

Slavic lady

One of the best things about dating someone from a different culture is learning more about how dating works across the world. The way that you flirt, talk to or compliment ladies varies greatly depending on where they’re from. If you’re looking to win a Slavic lady’s heart, it’s important that you understand how to flirt with her and how dating works in her culture.

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Be Charming

One of the most important things to understand when dating a Slavic lady is that she will expect you to make the first move. Be persistent, but at the same time always be a gentleman. Slavic women grow up being told fairytale love stories and they expect men in real life to be no less chivalrous as well as expecting a man to come up to them if they’re interested. Be kind, compliment her and keep the conversation light-hearted.

Be Genuine

When trying to flirt with a Slavic lady, make sure that everything you say comes from the heart. Compliment her on her appearance, her kindness, her personality or anything that stands out to you. Slavic ladies can spot a baseless chat up line from a mile off, and they won’t be interested if you use one. Just think about what attracted you to her and tell her honestly.

Don’t Be Too Flashy

An important thing to keep in mind when dating a Slavic lady is not to attempt to “buy her affections”. While in many English speaking countries buying a woman coffee or dinner is seen as gentlemanly and kind, a Slavic lady will often see this as showing off that they have money and trying to buy the girl’s affections.

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Be Respectful

Respecting her boundaries is a great way to show her that you care for her feelings. It might not be the first way that you think of when it comes to flirting but actually making sure you keep her feelings in mind at all times is one of the best ways to impress her. Show her that you’re putting her first and you’ll be on your way to showing her what a great person you are.

Be Charismatic

Finally, a tip that a lot of Slavic women give is to be charismatic. Don’t go straight in to a conversation with a complement or ask for their number if you meet them in the street. Start up a conversation, discuss things you find interesting and ask about what they like – discuss their hobbies or ask where they grew up. The important thing to remember when trying to flirt with a Slavic lady is simply to give her a reason to want to continue the conversation.

Dating a Slavic lady isn’t difficult. You just need to know how to approach flirting with them in order to make them want to keep you around. Just relax and have a normal conversation then go from there.