5 Best Places For Skiing And Skateboarding You Can Visit With Your Ukrainian Lady

Ukrainian lady

Do you love skiing or skateboarding and look for the best places to visit with your Ukrainian lady? One thing you should know, then, is that Ukraine boasts some of the best ski resorts in Europe. Despite not being as famous as their Swiss or Italian counterparts, the Ukrainian Carpathians surely know how to impress.

So, have a look at the five best places below and pick the one you like best to visit with your Ukrainian lady.

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Drahobrat is Ukraine’s best kept secret and the Carpathians’ gem. It’s the highest resort in the country, perched at 4,593 feet. This place is perfect for skiers and snowboarders alike, impressing with various slopes dedicated to both beginners and professionals.

Located far away from any settlements, Drahobrat is also the perfect place where to enjoy the beauty of the mountains away from the crowds. From equipped trails to free ride ones, this resort has all you could wish from the best ski resort around.


If you’re not really an expert, but the beauty of the mountains attracts you, Izky could be the best place for skiing and skateboarding with your Ukrainian lady. The resort is known for its eco-friendly approach, but also for the impressive range of hotels perched on the top of the mountain.

Here, you can taste both Ukrainian and Galician cuisine, take ski lifts to the top of the slopes, and learn how to ski or snowboard. Most trails are smooth, and the resort is very close to other attractions. Ideal for a weekend getaway.


Pylypets is synonymous with amazing natural attractions, especially during summertime. Here, you can admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine and climb up on the summit to admire magnificent views.

In winter, the resort impresses with the longest trail in Ukraine, and you can enjoy picturesque descents on the 2.5-mile trail. The resort is called the heaven for free-riders, and your Ukrainian lady will most likely love it here.

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Perched up on the mountains, at 4,041 feet, Slavske awaits skiing enthusiasts from November till May. The resort is known for some of the most extreme descents in the country, while the small 19th-century village preserves most of its vintage allure despite the recent developments.

Situated pretty close to Lviv, the resort is rather crowded. Nevertheless, it’s more than worth it to pay a visit.


One of the most acclaimed resorts in Ukraine, Bukovel, greets more and more foreign tourists each year. It’s a cosmopolite place that will surely leave your Ukrainian lady in awe. You can ski here from early November to mid-April and, when you’re not on the trail, you can taste delicious local dishes in the many restaurants or pamper yourself in a spa in one of the many hotels. No doubt, a great skiing place to visit with your Ukrainian lady.