3 cozy movies to watch with your Russian wife this winter

It’s no secret that watching movies is one of the most tried and tested pastimes for any couple and so you and your Russian wife are sure to benefit from a cozy night in this winter. You’ll find that there is little that is as warming in the colder months than snuggling up on the sofa with your Russian wife with snacks, a blanket, cuddles and some great films.

Language barriers can be tricky when choosing which movies to watch with your Russian wife and so you may need to consider films with slower plots, subtitles or easily recognisable characters. That said, watching movies with your Russian wife is an excellent way for you to share your languages and learn and improve your English and Russian. In fact, many Russian women attribute their English skills to dialogue that they learnt through TV and films.

Below are some great movies that you can cozy up to with your Russian wife this winter and that should interest you both without being too challenging for language issues.

Russian wife
Let’s spend this winter together!

Love Actually

The whole idea of this film is that love can overcome any boundary and with two characters finding that their obstacle if a language barrier, this is an ideal watch. Your Russian wife will recognise so many of the A-list cast that she’ll instantly feel comfortable watching it and there’s enough romance, humour, faux-pas and Christmas cheer to appeal to all of your desires.

Your Russian wife may have watched this film already but once is never enough! Better still, Love Actually is so adored throughout the world that you’ll really struggle to find a copy that doesn’t come with multiple subtitle or voice dubbing options so you can watch in Russian or English.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka Village

A classic Russian Christmas film that your Russian wife is sure to know. This film was released in 1961 but is as charming and captivating now as it was then. Filled with a fantasy storyline, eccentric characters, Russian scenes and romantic plot, Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka Village is a winter movie like no other. Your Russian wife will help you with the language barriers but this colourful picture is so full of fascinating characters and settings that you’ll quickly find that you don’t miss the dialogue.

The story is about a man who falls in love with a woman who will only return his affections if he brings her the expensive slippers of the Empress. In order to meet her demands, tha man strikes a deal with the devil. Rich in the cultures and traditions of Russia and the Ukraine, your Russian wife is sure to be grateful of your attempt to bring Russian entertainment to your winter home.

Russian wife
I want to feel your warm hugs!

The Snowman

A British classic that is loved throughout the world, there is arguably no finer Christmas film to watch with your Russian bride. This beautiful story that was written by Raymond Briggs has been adored annually by fans for decades and as there’s no dialogue, neither of you will struggle with language problems.

Ok, it’s a cartoon but there is something so magical about the musical score, the innocence of the images and the characters that will be so recognisable to you and your Russian wife. Explain to her that you watched this film as a child and that it symbolises Christmas to you. It’s a short movie and so you won’t feel too childlike for long but it’s the perfect excuse to relinquish all adult worries, cuddle up with your Russian wife and enjoy some truly peaceful and memorable Christmas entertainment.