Moscow: Best places to see in the St. Valentine’s day with your Russian lady

Moscow is one of the most exciting cities in the world and it’s the perfect place to celebrate the St. Valentine’s day with your Russian lady.

Whatever you’re looking to do at St. Valentine’s, your Russian lady will love being in Moscow and sampling the many events, celebrations and attractions that this city offers. There are several places within Moscow which you should consider heading for.

Russian lady
Let’s spend this Valentine’s day together!

Red Square

Famous around the world, Red Square is one of the most notable landmarks in Russia and is an amazing place to usher in the St. Valentine’s day with your Russian lady. Not only is the backdrop stunning and the romance high, but the square is also the epicenter for all Moscow’s celebrations.

A spectacular lighting will dominate the evening, brightening up the majestic buildings around you. You’ll also get to see huge crowds that assemble on the Red Square and couples proposing to each other in the most romantic ways.

Bars, hotels and restaurants

St. Valentine’s day is a big business in Moscow and as a result people want to be out and celebrating together. Bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants will all be competing to try and out-do one another and attract guests who will party the night away and be wowed. So, if your Russian lady and you are looking for something fun and lively, then check out the many types of entertainment on offer in establishments across the city.

Russian lady
I would love to have a romantic evening with you!

Moskva River stroll with your Russian lady

If you want to see a more peaceful and significantly less-crowded area, then picking a spot along the Moskva River could be a great option. It can certainly be more romantic for your Russian lady, but many places along the river provide great scenery and entertainment while also allowing you to relax as the water serenely trickles by underneath a sheet of ice.

Head to one of Moscow’s many parks

Moscow has lots of wonderful parkland areas, each offering their own unique characteristics and charm. Gorky Park, Izmailovo Park, Tagansky Park and Hermitage Park are four which will be well worth a visit on St. Valentine’s day.

Christmas lights will still be illuminated at St. Valentine’s day and so will immediately provide a warming and romantic backdrop to your evening with a Russian lady. Each park will also have its own Valentine’s events with DJs, live music, retro bands and much more taking place at parks across the city.