Conflicts with a Slavic Single: How to Save your Relationship

Save Relationship

Disagreement or conflict occurs in all relationships, but what matters is how they are dealt with. The way you deal with an issue with your Slavic partner determines whether your relationship is healthy or not. 

What Causes Conflict in Relationships?

Conflicts in relationships happen for various reasons, from minor everyday problems like who walks the dog, to serious issues like unfaithfulness. Some common relationship stressors include loss of passion and attraction, loss of commitment, financial issues, hopes, and dreams. 

Tips to Save your Relationship

Many people struggle to resolve the relationship conflict and seek help from others. However, the first step to save the relationship is the desire to do so. If the desire is there, you can learn how to direct it into positive steps to resolve underlying disputes and eventually save your relationship.

Here are a few tips to help you.

Save Relationship

Don’t be afraid of your desires!

Have a Welcoming Environment for Communication

Communication is the basis of a healthy and successful relationship. When you communicate with your partner, it builds a feeling of trust. You can understand how your partner thinks, feels, and know what things to avoid. So, communicate often with your partner about the problems as well as the positives. 

When things are heated, it is hard to keep cool. However, if you want to resolve the conflict without hurting the partner, avoid screaming and name-calling.

Learn to Listen

It can be frustrating to feel like your partner is not paying attention to you. When you interrupt your partner or pretend that you know what they are thinking, you do not give them the chance to express themselves. So, it is particularly important to not assume, but stay patient and quiet when your partner expresses their feelings. 

It is essential to maintain eye contact when your partner is talking and eliminate distractions like phone, radio, and TV. You can resolve conflict in your relationship by listening and understanding your partner’s views. 

Keep your Tone Low

Save Relationship

I’m looking for an understanding and loving man.

We know it is not easy to keep the tone low in heated arguments. But to resolve the conflict and save your relationship, you must do that. You may think you are mildly saying something to your partner only to see them burst into tears, proved that you are yelling at them.

If you want to resolve your relationship conflict without hurting the partner’s feelings, keep the focus of the dispute on the issue and do not bring taunts and put-downs into it.

Practice Forgiveness

When your trust is broken, you feel angry, hurt, bitter, and various other negative emotions. However, if you are the person who broke the trust, you feel guilty and embarrassed. In such a situation you may try to blame your significant other or defend your actions. However, to avoid hurting your partner during conflict is to practice forgiveness. 

True forgiveness means letting go of the anger you feel and treating your partner with love and respect once the argument is over. However, forgiveness does not come magically. You wake up and feel forgiving towards your partner. Forgiveness is a series of little acts, practicing honesty, admitting mistakes, and putting your partner first.

Final Thoughts

Conflicts affect even the happiest couples, but the way you deal to resolve them says a lot about your relationship. Communicating is essential to save your relationship without hurting each other’s feelings. The key to great communication is listening to your partner, showing respect, trying to see the situation from your partner’s point, and forgiving each other.