What do Russian ladies think about traditional marriage?

What do Russian ladies think about traditional marriage?

A traditional marriage is quite a broad idea as different cultures and religions deem different things to be traditional. Russian ladies would see traditional marriage as a man seeking permission from the parents of the Russian bride then him proposing to the woman. The main religion for Russian ladies is Orthodox Christianity so a wedding would take place in a church with the Russian bride and groom then leaving as man and wife ready to move in together and spend the rest of their lives together.

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After you have developed a deep connection with a Russian bride through online dating sites you may have spoken about their views on marriage and typically most Russian ladies like the idea of a traditional marriage. For most Russian ladies their parents would have been united through a traditional marriage and it’s what they would have been brought up believing in and wanting. By choosing to go online dating though the Russian bride is showing that she is a modern woman who is taking her own future and life into her own hands so she might not be as traditional as you’d expect.

It’s important to have these discussions and find out the thoughts of Russian ladies on traditional marriage because a woman’s wedding day is very important to her and most people who become a Russian bride will have envisioned their wedding day for a long time. Online dating can help you develop a connection with a woman but knowing more about her views on such an important transition in her life is something you’re better discussing in person. While some Russian ladies might say that she does not have an opinion or doesn’t mind how her marriage goes for a lot this is not true and how her wedding day goes will influence the start of married life.

If you have very strong views for or against a traditional marriage it’s best to express these early during the online dating process as you might find that your views simply aren’t compatible with those of the Russian bride. If you were to get married you’d want both the Russian lady and yourself to be happy with how it goes.

Traditionally most Russian women won’t focus on careers exclusively like a lot of Western women as the attitudes towards professional and family life is different with Russian ladies. Many Russian women will get good jobs and make sure that they are fulfilled in that area of their lives but this will take a back seat when it comes to starting a family. In Russian society the life priorities of people are different and a Russian bride with children is already considered to be successful without having a specific career. When online dating if the lady speaks about people she knows who have got married and had a family chances are she won’t mention her work or career.

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