Winter holidays in Russia: places to visit with your Russian bride

As winter looms over us you may be starting to think of getting away somewhere exciting with your Russian bride.

While many people take vacations in the summer months, the winter is a great time to escape for a holiday. Whether you want to embrace the cold with some skiing, visit some Christmas events or just head out for a winter dose of culture and history, winter holidays in Russia are plentiful.

So, if you’re wanting to grab a winter holiday in Russia, here are some suggestions to get you started.

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St Petersburg

If you want to embrace the winter while enjoying the Christmas festivities, then the beautiful city of St Petersburg could be a great starting point for your winter holiday in Russia. You’ll probably see some snow falling which will add to the romance of the visit with your Russian bride, but it’s the Christmas markets which may steal the show at this time of year. It’s a great city to spend time in during the lead-up to Christmas.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a lake in Siberia which provides a stunning backdrop to a romantic holiday with your Russian bride. During the winter months, the lake is of course frozen, but it offers a wonderful escape from daily life with a host of great activities to enjoy. Take a walk or snowmobile ride on the lake, visit national parks or take a dog sleigh ride.

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Republic of Karelia

Another great winter destination in Russia is the Republic of Karelia, an area located in the northwest of Russia.  It offers a fine mix of stunning forests and snowscapes, but perhaps most romantically when it comes to visiting with your Russian bride is its access to see the northern lights.  It’s also home to some fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Golden Ring, Moscow

Not too far from the beautiful city of Moscow is a collection of smaller cities known as The Golden Ring. It’s a great location to take your Russian bride as there is so much to do on a winter holiday. Skiing is a real favourite and there are several places within The Golden Ring for you to go and enjoy a bit of skiing. Horse riding, dogsledding, forest walks and some amazing ancient architecture add to the experience and mean that a visit to The Golden Ring will provide an action-packed winter holiday.