Proposing to your Russian bride on St. Valentine’s day

Russian dating can be a complex area and you may find that you come across questions about cultural differences, traditions, romantic gestures and how best to impress your Russian woman. However, when it comes to proposing to your Russian bride, you can forget the complications of international love and get invested in the romance and delight of the event.

Inevitably, once you have decided to make the love of your life your Russian bride, you will be brimming with ideas of how to pop the question. What better time than on St. Valentine’s Day? This international day of love and romance may seem like a commercial gimmick but there’s every chance that your Russian woman will be expecting a leap of commitment and adoration from you on February 14th. Here are some tips on making sure that your proposal goes perfectly.

Russian bride
Let’s get married!

Plan your Audience

You will know your Russian woman better than anyone and so you’ll know whether to ask her to be your Russian bride in front of a group or at an intimate setting with just the two of you. Consider whether she would want to share this moment with her family and friends or whether it would be more memorable to have no distractions and just each other.

Of course, you could pop the question to your Russian bride with nobody around and then whisk her away to a celebratory surprise party straight after!

Ask for Her Family’s Blessings

Your Russian bride will likely appreciate you considering her family before asking her to marry you, after all they will soon be your relatives too. Prior to asking for her hand in marriage, consider speaking to her parents and siblings to ask for their blessings. This does not mean that you are asking for permission for your Russian woman’s hand, but it is a great sign of respect and puts you in good standing with the family.

Take Your Time

One of the most natural things to do when making a proposal is to rush because of nerves. However, if you practice what you want to say, take deep breaths and really embrace the moment, you’ll enjoy the experience all the more. Your Russian bride should be a source of confidence for you and so when you are asking your Russian woman to marry you, focus only on her and draw on your love and the reasons why you know she is the girl for you.

Russian bride
I want to become your sweet wife!

Utilise the Romance of St. Valentine’s Day

Choosing to propose to your Russian woman on St. Valentine’s Day means that you are sharing a day with millions of couples throughout the world, all trying to show each other how much they matter. Use this to help boost your proposal and perhaps acknowledge it to your Russian bride by saying that despite there being so many couples sharing adoration on this day, you’re certain that there nobody with a love like yours.

Express to your Russian bride that your international love is being mirrored throughout the world on St. Valentine’s Day, as couples in every county show their affections and that makes this the perfect day to cement yours forever.

Plan your Proposal to your Russian Woman Ahead

Do be aware that if you are planning to propose to your Russian bride on Valentines Day, you are likely to be met with one major obstacle. If you want to book a romantic venue for the event, you may find that there are several men with similar ideas. It is therefore imperative that you plan ahead and get the logistics covered as soon as possible. Then sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re about to ask the most important question of your life to the most important person in your life!