Good Questions to Ask your Ukrainian Lady during the First Phone Call

Ukrainian lady

Having your first phone call with someone that you’ve met online can be really nerve-wracking. If it was someone of the same culture as you then you would probably be worried about saying the wrong thing or talking too much or too little. When there’s an added cultural difference of getting to know a Ukrainian lady it can make you feel even more nervous.

How To Start Your Conversation

Ukrainian lady

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Start the conversation off simply – ask your Ukrainian lady how her day was and what she’s been doing and take a genuine interest in the answer. If she said she’s been at work then ask if she had a good day or if it was stressful. Likewise if she’s been out with a friend then ask what they got up to. Make her feel like you’re genuinely interested and care and your Ukrainian lady will appreciate it.

If she lives in a nearby town or city to you then ask your Ukrainian lady what her favourite place to visit is. Not only does this show that you care but it’ll also provide a potential first date location that proves how thoughtful you are.

Get To Know Her Better

Another great question to ask your Ukrainian lady is what she likes to do outside of work. You can keep this more general but asking if she has any passion projects that she enjoys working on will really show that you care and give her a chance to speak freely. It’ll make the conversation flow a lot more and you can ask for more details as she’s talking.

The Important Stuff

Ukrainian lady

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Another great option to ask your Ukrainian lady is if she gets to eat any traditional food  (if she doesn’t live in Ukraine anymore). Ask if she knows any recipes or anywhere to go in your local area for great Ukrainian food, and make sure you ask what her favourite traditional dish is. Not only will this spark a conversation about things that are likely important to her but it will also provide great ideas for future dates.

The most important thing to remember when calling your Ukrainian lady for the first time is simply to be friendly, be respectful and relax. Remember it is also her chance to get to know you better, so be sure to give her a chance to ask you questions and make sure you answer them as best you can.