How to spend World’s Museum Day while visiting your Russian bride

International Museum Day or World’s Museum Day is a day every year that recognizes and celebrates the importance of museums across the globe. Starting in 1977, this day encourages everyone to get out to a museum and check out all sorts of weird and wonderful offerings locally and internationally. World Museum day offers a perfect opportunity to treat your Russian bride to a unique and exciting day out too!

The following guide offers some tips on how to best engage with World Museum Day whilst ensuring that you and your Russian lady have a memorable and fun-filled experience!

Don’t Be Afraid to Look Like Tourists

Russian woman
Let’s have a good time!

The great thing about International Museum Day is that there’ll be several more visitors to most museums and so you’ll blend in easily. This gives ample opportunity to leisurely stroll, hand in hand, discussing your surroundings and maintaining the romance.

Take photos and engage with the exhibitions along with your Russian bride. See your visit to the museum as an opportunity to act like tourists and get some great snaps of the two of you together. Embrace the experience, see the contents of the museum with fresh eyes and attempt to treat your trip as a holiday-like experience with your Russian lady.

Find the Most Obscure Museum to Visit

One of the most fun ways to ensure you and your Russian bride have memories to last a lifetime is to pick out the weirdest museum you can find and explore it with trepidation and humor. Whether it be a museum dedicated to paving slabs or a collection of erotica through the ages, find a museum that you wouldn’t normally visit and build a memory based on an entirely new experience for the two of you.

Research How Local Museums Will Celebrate

Museums throughout the world will celebrate World Museum Day in different ways. Some will have events that run just for one day, whereas others will try to engage visitors for a weekend or full week. Talk to your Russian bride about her favorite museum and see what new events and celebrations they have planned. Most museums will usually take the opportunity to introduce a new exhibition or host a prominent speaker during this time.

I want to go for a walk with you!

If your Russian woman is particularly interested in art, history or fashion, for example, World Museum Day may provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to see new artifacts or listen to a leading mind or figure speak. This will be a truly impressive and memorable occasion for you both and is sure to leave your Russian bride speechless.

Try to Learn Something Valuable

Set challenges for you and your Russian bride whilst you are visiting museums in Russian for International Museums Day. As you’ll be planning your occasion for a visit to Russia, this could be the prime opportunity to demonstrate a newly found fact or two that’s relevant to your Russian bride’s local area. Perhaps your Russian lady can return the favor by finding out something new relating to a connection to your home country or even learn a fact from a museum but tell it to you in English.

These challenges might seem academic but actually, they’ll reaffirm your bond and help you interest each other. It’s important that you try to cement memories and experiences together and even if museum visits aren’t normally your cup of tea, this is an ideal opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, engage with local culture and experience new things together.