How to Save Time and Money When Using Paid Dating Services

dating services

Dating services come in many different shapes, sizes and formats, so when you’re using a platform that requires payment, saving time and money may be important.

While you’re unquestionably on a dating website to try and find love, you’re also likely to be looking for the best use of your time and money. As with so much in life, these two things are not mutually exclusive.

dating services

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In fact, with many dating services, saving time will save you money. There are lots of different approaches which will enable you to save the time and quite a few other tips and shortcuts which may save you some money when it comes to the fees you pay.

Here are a few top tips for saving some time and money when using paid dating services.

Advanced and long-term subscriptions

One way you could possibly save some money using dating websites is to sign-up for a longer period of time upfront. So, for example, if you were to sign-up for six or 12 months, the price may work out cheaper than it would do if you were paying on a monthly, rolling basis.

Take things off the website

If your relationship gets to a place where it is going really well and you have comfortably exchanged contact details, it may be possible to pause or cancel your website membership so that you are not paying for a service you don’t need at the moment. If the relationship does not work out, you can always restart.

Don’t use tools that you don’t need to pay for

dating services

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Some dating services will charge for using certain bits of functionality. For example, in times gone by websites may charge to use services such as video chat. Well, in this day and age, we have all become adept at using video calling software, which is largely free to use, so the idea of paying for it because it’s on a dating website is non-sensical.

Use matching tools

If you want to save time when you’re using a dating service, take advantage of any matching services or compatibility quizzes that the platform may offer. This should help you find more suitable matches rather than aimlessly scrolling or swiping your way through lots of unsuitable matches.

Beware of free trials and introductory rates

Finally, one way to save some money in the future is to be aware of any free trial periods or introductory rates that you are offered to sign up to dating services. Record the expiry date on a calendar or set a reminder in your phone so you don’t stray into the paid/full price period for a service you may not be fully utilising.