How to Be An Interesting ‘Talker’ on the First Date with a Ukrainian Single

Ukrainian single

Dating a Ukrainian single is not as easy as it seems. Cultural differences between you and her can turn the first date into a total fiasco if you don’t know what to say. Luckily, there are ways to be an interesting ‘talker’ on your first date with a Ukrainian lady. Here are five ways to impress her.

Ukrainian single

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1. Take the Lead, But Don’t Speak Only About You

Ukrainian women love when the man they date knows how to lead a conversation. The first thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t put the burden of conversation on her shoulders. You’re the man, so come up with some interesting topics.

For instance, you can start by asking her how was her day, or how she reached the venue if you didn’t pick her up.

Whatever the topic, however, avoid speaking too much about you. Sure, you should answer her questions so she can get to know you. But every time it’s your turn to speak, ask something about her instead of speaking about yourself.

2. Deal with Awkward Silences

We’ve all been there. Met someone for the first time just to slide into an awkward silence when questions ran out.

To avoid it, make sure you don’t run out of questions. There are really so many topics to talk about. From personal questions about likes and dislikes to general topics like favorite vacation spots or her views on a certain matter.

3. Listen Attentively When your Ukrainian Single Talks

One thing you should keep in mind is that every good ‘talker’ is a good listener too. Pay attention when she talks and listen to what she says. Perhaps she’ll ask you a question related to what she was talking about, and if you didn’t actually listen, you’d never know what to answer.

Also, never interrupt her. Even if you talk about something you’re an expert in, let her say her opinions. That’s how you can show your Ukrainian woman that you’re a respectful guy that’s worth dating.

4. Pay  Compliments to your Ukrainian Single

Ukrainian single

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All Ukrainian women love compliments, and your Ukrainian single surely expects you to pay at least a compliment or two. Be it her looks, her charm, her intelligence, you name it. Hearing you say beautiful words about her will boost her confidence while showing her you’re not afraid to speak up your mind.

5. Never Talk About Sensitive Topics

As a good ‘talker’ when meeting a Ukrainian single for the first time, know that you should never bring up sensitive topics. These include money, politics, cultural disagreements, family matters, and anything else that may create a negative atmosphere.

Also, avoid clich?s, such as comparing her country or culture with other countries in Eastern Europe. Each nation is beautiful in its own way, and Ukrainian women care very much about their country and culture.

With this in mind, you should be able to tackle your first encounter successfully. Now all you have to do is ask that gorgeous Ukrainian single for a date.