Tips on how to not ruin the first conversation with a Ukrainian single

We’ve all been in that awkward position when you meet a beautiful woman but then freeze when it comes to talking to her properly. How do you make that first conversation with a Ukrainian single a success?

It’s not really a case of knowing what you should say, but more to the point knowing what not to talk about. The first conversation with a beautiful Ukrainian single, or any other lady online, can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting, so where should you start?

Ukrainian single
Would you kiss me?

The most basic piece of advice would be to simply relax and be yourself. But if relaxing is a little tricky, then maybe just follow our list of tips below so you don’t ruin that first conversation with a Ukrainian single.

Remember to pay her compliments, but don’t go overboard

First thing is first, she needs to know that you think she is beautiful, not just on the outside. Compliment her looks, her hair, her clothes but also traits of her personality, such as her humor, her accent, etc. There’s a fine line between going too far and being full-on, so keep it real and be as natural and sincere as possible. 

Be interested in Ukrainian single, the person

You want to make sure that your Ukrainian single knows that your interest is beyond skin-deep. Ask her some simple questions about her life – hobbies, interests and possible career. The key here is to listen to the answers and actually form conversation based on what she says.

Don’t talk about politics or anything sensitive

As with any conversation, don’t go in to topics which may be offensive or divisive. So, avoid talking about politics, government and even any current affairs relating to potentially sensitive subject areas. It’s safer just to steer well away from subjects like this. 

Ukrainian single
I want to make family with you!

Avoid discussing former girlfriends

One thing which is unattractive for any woman is to hear you talk about ex-girlfriends or former wives, even if you are over them. There is a time and a place to talk about this, and the first conversation with your Ukrainian single is neither the time nor place. 

Show enthusiasm to Ukrainian single

Finally, make sure you show genuine enthusiasm and excitement to be talking to her. If you come across as down, boring or a bit miserable, you probably won’t get a second conversation. Relationships have to be fun and both sides need to be genuinely interested in each other, otherwise, it’s going nowhere.