How to help your Slavic bride celebrate her Birthday now?

The world looks a little different right now thanks to the lockdown, so how do you go about celebrating the birthday of your Slavic bride if you cannot go and meet her?

If you’re in a loving online relationship with your Slavic bride but cannot be with her in person, then celebrating her birthday is going to require a little bit of imagination this year. Some of the more traditional forms of celebration are not going to be possible, but you can still make it a day to remember for her.

Slavic bride
I hope to build a family with you!

The important thing is to be a little creative and think outside of the box. How can you truly help someone feel happy, loved, and valued on their birthday if you cannot be with them?

Well, here’s how. We’ve put together a few little tips that will make sure your Slavic bride not only enjoys her day but is left truly appreciating your relationship.

Put some quality time aside and plan it in advance

The first thing to note is that you need to make sure she has some excitement ahead of her birthday. Make sure your Slavic bride knows that her big day hasn’t been forgotten. Set some time aside with her in advance so she knows she will be online celebrating with you at a specific time. 

Send a gift and/or card to your Slavic bride

Sending gifts, cards, and maybe even some birthday decorations should still absolutely be included in this year’s birthday celebration. Again, the secret here will be planning ahead, but if you do it well, she will never forget the gift you sent her this year.

Make it feel like a celebration

Slavic bride
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It’s got to feel like it’s not just another normal day in lockdown. So, play some music, put some decorations up at your end as well and maybe send her some nice food. Think about other things that she likes to do. Maybe she has a favorite podcast or comedian that you could enjoy together. Maybe you can see that some flowers or a bottle of bubbly are delivered to her? Putting in the effort here is the really important part. 

Invite her friends and family on to wish her a happy birthday

The world has become experts in adding family and friends into video calls to play games, chat, and sing songs together. This should be top of the list for your Slavic bride’s birthday. Why not try and keep it as a surprise – who doesn’t love a birthday surprise! 

Share memories with your Slavic bride

There are many ways to share happy memories with your Slavic bride. From cooking and singing to looking at old photographs and watching old movies. Think about how you can connect on a personal level to her.