Trendy Halloween 2021 Costumes Your Ukrainian Lady May Like

Ukrainian Lady

We’re reaching the spookiest time of year, which means that it is time for you and your Ukrainian lady to have some fun. One of the best things about Halloween is being able to dress up, let your hair down and have fun together. Halloween is a time of year when everyone loves to get dressed up, so if you have a costume that you have always wanted to wear – now is the time!

Trick or treat?

The great news is that when it comes to finding a costume there are so many to choose from – this means that whatever dress up idea you have there should be something to suit! If you’re dressing up with your Ukrainian lady or you’re buying her a costume then it’s a good idea to have a chat to her about what she might like and what sort of costumes she enjoys to make sure that you get any costume decisions right.

What Might a Ukrainian Lady Like To Dress Up As?

There are no rules when it comes to Ukrainian fancy dress, because everyone likes something different. Although Ukrainian does have some traditional costumes and dress options these generally don’t apply to Halloween so anything goes. However, that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy anything – you definitely need to speak to your lady first and make sure you know what she likes.

What costume you’d like to try on this Halloween?

Costumes To Avoid

Avoiding anything that is too gory or offensive is probably a good idea, especially if you’re not sure what her sense of humour is like. If you want something that you can do together than couples costumes are a good idea – you could even go for something funny as opposed to gruesome if you’re worried about upsetting her. Salt and pepper pots, ketchup and mustard and even a married celebrity couple are all popular choices.

Popular Fancy Dress Choices

80s fancy dress is always a popular choice and can easily be made into a Halloween theme if you’re looking for something scary. After all, any costume can easily be adapted to be a zombie or a ghost without too much effort. This is great, because it means that whatever you know your Ukrainian lady will enjoy you can get a costumer to suit – and then you can both work together in adapting it to be as Halloween themed as she would like, or leave it as it is if she would prefer. Dressing up together is a great way to get to know one another, so a fantastic activity for you and your Ukrainian lady to enjoy this Halloween.